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  1. scylla

    Help us settle what she looks like haha

    We got a new kitten recently, so i have come here to settle what markings she has, shes an semi-feral kitten (tame now) so shes not anything special but its fun to look at markings anyways We were thinking spotten tabby but she has a lot of white so its kind hard to see the full picture haha...
  2. scylla

    Orijen Vs Reddog Raw

    Hircines getting switched either to orijen dry food or reddog which is a local frozen raw food for dogs and cats. So give me your opinion or tell me how your cat is doing on it!! But have my thoughts... On one hand I know that for sure orijen will be 30 bucks a month for him (he was 13lbs when...
  3. scylla

    2 Black Kitties

    Hircine and mew! Back when i had first been posting about hircine he was a random possible semi-feral who happened to like us! So have a couple pictures...
  4. scylla

    Cat likes sugary anything, coincidence?

    My big kitty hircine loves anything sugary even simple syrup :( He's almost 2 we think and he's not fat (getting there though) its never really an issue because he has no health issues and we're vigilant in keeping sugars locked away from him, but if we leave our cereal out he eats the sugar...
  5. scylla

    wet food brand with least phosphorous

    least phosphorous but still a decent brand? kitty has liver issues currently feeding wet performatrin ultra cause its about 10 percent protein and he does well on it! but long term i want to use a good brand like ultra, orijen or like acana/merrick (basically nothing grocery store brand like SD...
  6. scylla

    kitty reactions to human emotion

    (hoping this is in a decent spot on the forums for this i would have it in behavior but its not really an issue more a topic on conversation?) not a problem or question per say lol more like how do your kitties (or other critters) react to human emotions :) mr mew tries to make me play with...
  7. scylla

    science diet alternative?

    just moved to a new area and my new vet is harassing me to use science diet for my cat who has a liver shunt. he does really well on preformatrin ultra Chicken/turkey since those meats produce less ammonia but i really want to avoid the SD foods and my vets basically saying he doesnt want to...
  8. scylla

    hepatic encephalopathy

    my smaller cat mr mew was just diagnosed with hepatic encephalopathy by our awesome vet in town. as sad as I am to hear he has a potentially deadly disorder/disease, I'm glad we caught this in time. for two weeks i am giving him amoxicillin twice a day and lactulose twice a day two hours after...
  9. scylla

    cat suddenly cuddly with other people

    normally my cat is pretty affectionate with me! but i recently moved into a place with roomates as a temporary solution to a he's avoiding me and cuddling with my roomates :0 why is he suddenly not my buddy one note: he's very social and does like other people but he doesn't...
  10. scylla

    suddenly acting funny

    got back from a trip to see family, ever since my cat mew has been acting weird. he wants cuddles and pets but then flops over for belly rubs as he used to do but bites me and scratches me now when i pet him? so at this point i dont know what to do! last night he chomped on my hand while i was...
  11. scylla

    visiting family miss my kitty

    ah I miss my kitties :( i'm on the other side of the province and wont see my kitties for another week :0 how will I survive! how do you guys deal with going out and not being able to bring your kitties?
  12. scylla

    cat eats bits of plastic and plastic bags

    mr mew loves plastic the thinner the better, i was wondering why he would try to eat it all the time its not the noise since he eats small scraps off the floor? we nust usually keep all plastic put away but he still eats it occasionally and pukes everywhere or has issues pooping D:
  13. scylla

    two stray cats what could they be

    more technically i have no idea where hircene came from cause he lived in my backyard for half a month before moving in but mew was a feral kitten born in a crazy dudes moldy house  hes pretty generic hes got a really muscley upper body and a tail that kinda short but not stubby? and hircine...
  14. scylla

    new person!

    hey I joined mostly so I would have a place to go to ask cat things if I need too :P i have two cats although one is technically kinda my brothers because he really wants a cat but doesn't have the freedom of his own place like I do my first cat mr. mew or mewington is a short haired black cat...