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  1. catlover73

    question of the day Friday june 17,2022

    We usually go out for a nice dinner. We have been married since 2001. My parents did send us on an Alaskan Cruise for our 15th anniversary.
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    Question of the Day - Monday, February 28, 2022

    My brother managed to get run over by bicycle when we were kids. He wound up with a gash above his eye that bled like crazy. We were in front of our vet's house down the street when it happened. My brother went to get up and I saw the blood. I told him to stay down. I ran up the driveway and...
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    Question of the Day - Monday, August 9, 2021

    NCIS since I was watching old episodes all of last night.
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    Embarrassing/Awful Cat Stories

    My hubby's friend was visiting us for a long weekend and thankfully he is a cat person. He was asleep and my two youngest adult cats got the zoomies. They used him as a race track during their play time and scratched him up quite a bit. The next morning when we woke up we were informed that we...
  5. catlover73

    Your Birth Month Is What You're Panic Buying

    I really have no need to panic buy toilet roll. I work retail and have plenty of chances to purchase TP and paper towels at work. Even at the height of the shortages in my area I was able to easily get TP and paper towel. My bosses made sure that none of us struggled to by toilet roll. I had a...
  6. catlover73

    People with rescue kitties: are you still in contact with their fosters?

    I adopted my cat Sonny from a friend who was doing private rescue at the time with her own funds. I helped socialize the entire litter when they were kittens. He was adopted out and then returned. I fell in love with him when he was a baby but the timing was wrong because I was dealing with a...
  7. catlover73

    What is Your Cat Obsessed With?

    Christmas of 2018 a relative gave me a fleece Atlanta Braves blanket. When we got home I placed the neatly folded blanket on my love seat before helping hubby bring in luggage. Apollo claimed that blanket as his while we were unloading the car. He still sleeps on that blanket to this day when he...
  8. catlover73

    Developed a fear of her dish

    I agree with trying a paper plate. When I transitioned a formerly abused cat years ago from eating baby food and wet food off a spoon the only thing she would eat off of was a paper plate. I had to feed this cat baby food off a long-handled spoon because she was too scared to eat anything at...
  9. catlover73

    Name Three Things - 2021

    My three things for today: Laundry Make myself a Frappe to eat with breakfast hubby is making Watch Braves baseball For anyone who is having a hard time finding cat food check out I have ordered food and cat litter from them a few times when Amazon ran out. They were actually...
  10. catlover73

    The Positive Thread 2021

    Today is a day off for me. Hubby is going to go pick-up some Starbucks to go with the cinnamon coffee cake he picked up at the grocery store. I am going to hang out at home and relax today.
  11. catlover73

    The Grinch Broke Into Your House.....

    My desk lamp, ashtray and the garbage can next to my desk.
  12. catlover73

    Question of The Day. Saturday 12th of December

    My hubby and I actually met at a karaoke show. We still do karaoke now. This is my stress relief. My hubby has a great voice. I am a good singer but he is a natural with it. I have to practice quite a bit to get things to sound right. I can not get in to to doing karaoke online which is where...
  13. catlover73

    Scared and shy

    I agree that 1.5 weeks in a new home is a short amount of time for the kitty to adjust. An abused cat will take longer to learn to trust than a shy cat who has not been abused. Many years ago I adopted what I thought was a kitten that had been abandoned in the bed of a friend's pick-up truck. I...
  14. catlover73

    Blood drops in urine

    You have nothing to apologize for here. My only suggestion would be to try getting a 2nd opinion from a different vet. Even if you really love your current vet sometimes having a 2nd set of eyes to look at things can help find more answers about what is happening. Just like human doctors...
  15. catlover73

    Triaditis Diagnosis

    I am sorry to hear what you are going through with Porkchop. I have no experience to give advice. I just wanted to let you know that someone cares about the difficult time you are going through. You are both amazing kitty parents. Porkchop has an amazing family that loves him dearly. I hope...
  16. catlover73

    Is it bad to have two male kittens?

    I have 2 male cats that are not litter mates that were adopted a year apart. Apollo was a year old when I adopted 7 week old Casey. They play together and groom each other. I also have an older male cat named Sonny who is very laid back and accepted the other two quickly. Apollo was was adopted...
  17. catlover73

    Your Funny Moments At The Vet?

    This was actually before the vet appointment. I was putting Apollo into the carrier and he peed all over me when I picked him up. I was taking him to the vet to check for a UTI and to make sure he was not starting to block. The vet is about 5 minutes from my house and the vet was still able to...
  18. catlover73

    Cat grooms other cat

    Apollo loves to groom Casey. The funny thing is during play time Casey is the dominant cat. Casey will groom Apollo but only after Apollo starts grooming him first. After the grooming session ends there is always play time. I love watching the two of them interact. They are not siblings but were...
  19. catlover73

    Cat won't stop peeing outside the litter box... and on dog??

    I would contact your vet and let them know that your are still having issues. She may need medicine for the inflammation if the UTI is definitely gone. Was a follow-up appointment done to re-check the urine to make sure the UTI was completely gone? My Apollo had to be on 2 different antibiotics...
  20. catlover73

    My cat is lost - 4 weeks :(

    Someone on my local next door had a cat get out of the house in March and someone found her cat in August. Her cat is now home.