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  1. marc999

    Cat likes bleach smell on hands?

    Hey folks, well this is new to me. I was disinfecting some items in my tub with a diluted bleach solution (for my aquarium) and although I had thoroughly washed my hands afterwards, my cat seems to go positively nuts trying to rub her head and nibble my hand. Almost like a catnip response.
  2. marc999

    Occasional vomit or poop on bed

    Hi folks, occasionally I will come home to find hair ball vomit, or once in awhile poop on my bed covers. If it's poop - there's a good chance it's diarrhea. The latest poop event was early this morning. I woke up to Willow scratching at the covers, apparently trying to cover her poop. This is...
  3. marc999

    Chlorhexidine 1% Cream - Allergic To It, Or Just Annoyed?

    So, my cat (indoor only) somehow scraped the back of her neck and it appeared raw(reddish), so I took her to the Vet. He said the wound was superficial and likely caused by rubbing against something. He cleaned the wound and then applied a product called Hibitane (1% chlorhexidine acetate)...
  4. marc999

    New Food Vs. Old Food - Showdown

    I am trying to get 'Willow' to try out some new wet cat food. (Holistic Select Chicken Pate - Holistic Select Grain Free Chicken Pate Cat Food Review). Although she ate a little out of my fingers (I pretend to eat some too, it works ;)), she has yet to eat some from her dinner plate. So I'm...
  5. marc999

    Picky Dry Food Eater

    Daily Feeding routines: (1) 1 can Fancy Feast (usually chicken,or beef,or liver&chicken pate) - she usually eats it all. (2) 1/4 cup dry food - 'Go - Chicken/Turkey/Duck' - she's been noticeably eating less lately. Here's the link: GO! SOLUTIONS CARNIVORE Grain Free Chicken, Turkey + Duck Recipe...
  6. marc999

    Dry Food - Once Opened, How Many Weeks/months?

    Hi folks, Once opened - how many weeks/months do you keep dry cat food, to be considered palatable/safe? I have some dry cat food which I've labeled May 25/2018 open date. So that's now almost pushing 4 months. Is it time to toss it? It's stored in original bag on top of fridge. Perhaps I...
  7. marc999

    Ways To Reduce Feeding Induced Vomit?

    My cat vomits ~ once/week. I don't think that's too unusual but I'd like to try reducing that frequency by making some changes. Either the food itself, or the way it's fed. I feed 1 can of Fancy Feast (pate) in the morning and 1/4 cup 'Go: Chicken,Turkey & Duck' grain/gluten free kibble. The...
  8. marc999

    Dry Food - Acana sizes decreased

    Well, it was that time again to buy dry cat food and I've noticed Acana has decreased both their small & large sized bags.  From ~ 5 to 4 lbs.  From ~ 15 to ~ 12 lbs. Unfortunately, the cost has remained the same, while the kcal / cup have decreased slightly. Meanwhile, they advertise a...
  9. marc999

    Annual check up - poop sample necessary

    I'm sure opinions will differ, but this week I received a card in the mail reminding me of annual vaccinations and to bring in a poop sample to check for parasites.  This is for my female ragdoll (indoor only). In regards to FVRCP and Rabies shots, I have decided to get those once ever 3 years...
  10. marc999

    Unique Behavior of your cat(s)?

    Here's some unique behaviors I've noticed from my cat. (1) When I sit down to eat, Willow comes over and starts eating as well. (2) Willow lies down when having a drink out of her water bowls. Not once have I seen her stand, to have a drink.  (3) She'll taste test my glass of water with her...
  11. marc999

    Adopting 2nd cat: Adult vs. Kitten

    I've been in conversation with some breeders of birmans and ragdolls, seeking a retiree breeder adult cat, to keep my 3.5 yr. ragdoll company.  Some have said it's very difficult to house an older cat with another adult, recommending a kitten instead. What's your opinion on introducing an...
  12. marc999

    The Art of Suggestion?

    My little Willow Wonka seems to be very picky when it comes to food, like many other cats. I found something interesting, if I present her with a can of Fancy Feast Chicken pate and a nice portion of Hound&Gatos Rabbit pate, she'll eat neither.  She thinks I'll keep bringing out food, until she...
  13. marc999

    Big Bad Banana!

    Yes - my cat despises bananas. She knows them by sight and remembers their fowl odor apparently. When I pick a banana up off the counter and start peeling it, she frowns and runs away. Anyone else experience this interesting phenomena?
  14. marc999

    What does your cat do after eating?

    Hi, After my cat eats and walks away, sometimes she shakes each paw.  Similar to how you or I would shiver if we got a chill. I interpret that as not enjoying the new food she's trying, or sniffing. Yet I'm not 100% positive. Thoughts?
  15. marc999

    Please recommend electric clippers

    Hi folks, My ragdoll cat has a tendency to drop little Oh Henry bars around the house.  The worst is when I find it on my bed sheets, or smeared on my white down comforter. I've taken her to the vet. previously to have her rump shaved down, but that's not very convenient and I'd like to do it...
  16. marc999

    Natura brand products, including EVO no longer availabe in Canada

    News to me, but I just learned from an EVO rep. that Natura Brand products are no longer available in Canada. Unfortunate, because my little gal likes some of the EVO 95% canned cat foods.
  17. marc999

    Indoor cats + new dog on the scene. Flea/tick protection for cats?

    This weekend, my girlfriend is adopting a dog (Sheppard/Labrador retriever). He's 7 yrs old, 50 pounds and a real snuggle buns. Grew up around cats so that's not a problem. Since we'll obviously be taking the dog for hikes etc., we'll be giving him 'Revolution', or 'Frontline Plus'...
  18. marc999

    Eating wet food from hand, not bowl or plate.

    Well this is interesting.  My cat is getting finicky it seems. Usually she's had no issues with canned Evo 95% Beef, heated up in the microwave. Yet tonight she sniffed it and walked away. I called her back and began getting her to eat clumps of it off my hands.  A little nasty considering I...
  19. marc999

    Responses like this...irk me.

    "That looks serious, you should go see a Vet". Well thank-you Captain Obvious. People ask a question on a forum to seek responses from those whom have experience or knowledge of what ails their cat(s).  Frankly, it tires me to see dozens of responses where people say something along the lines...
  20. marc999

    The Cat: Smacker of Butts!

    Anyone here have a cat that will dash by you when you're sitting on a chair, pause, smack you in the butt with a paw, then run off? It's her way of trying to tell me it's play time - like it or not.  It's also a reminder when I have to trim her claws!