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    Featured Hepatic Lipidosis - Help!

    When my former cat had fatty liver disease it took him months to want eat. He was not really pooping during that time. I syringe fed him and did not really know the numbers after the original diagnosis. He definitely got worse before he got better to where he was hiding in places he never hides...
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    Does my kitten have her adult coat now?

    No the adult coat is not in yet but kitten fluff is gone. It seems to me that many long haired cats look shorter then they will later at 5 and 6 months but the tail, feet and ears are fluffy and show they are long haired. My kittens are all in that stage and I see it with many other kittens too...
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    Will this kitty keep their fluffy tail?

    They are rescue kittens. I got the first kitten who was the black one at around 13 weeks. I planned on getting two around the same age since kittens do better in pairs. A little over 2 weeks later I got the tabby and white when he was around 12 weeks. I was going to get a different kitten but...
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    Will this kitty keep their fluffy tail?

    He will keep the tail. I think it is just his age and he will grow longer hair as his adult coat grows in. It seems to me that around 5 and 6 months that the shorter long haired kittens that people call medium hair seem to have shorter hair because the kitten fluff is gone but the adult coat has...
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    Another hair type post

    Thank you. All 3 of the kittens have bushy tails but at 5 and 6 months the fur still growing out. I think he is going to be on the small side. I think he is the oldest of the 3 I have but his paws are the smallest. I guess paws is not fool proof. He is pretty slim right now which is hard to tell...
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    Show Us Your Cats Together

    Here are my 3 together in various arrangements.
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    Another hair type post

    We are still trying to figure out his name. He only just was adopted. We called him his foster name until now but want a different name. I picked many that go along with the two other kittens names but my kids rejected them and come up with names that don’t suit him. 😔 😆
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    Another hair type post

    This is my foster fail. I think he is around 5 or 6 months in the pictures. He has an eye injury from before he came to me. I know he has a van pattern but I don’t know how to describe it. He looks like a Turkish Van but I know the chances are low that he actually has some of the breed being a...
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    My cat doesn't want to sleep on my bed anymore

    My cats must be broken because they all love cat beds even though so many people claim cats don’t like cat beds. I have two kittens of my own and two foster here now and they all sleep in the two cat beds together or separate. For me putting cat beds on my bed works to attract them there. 😆
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    Cat behaving different after vaccine

    I think it was anxiety. He is back to normal now. I gave him treats after he stayed still while holding him and after a few times of that he was fine with being picked up again. I do have stickers with the vaccine info and I think next time I will go to the vet they had the appointment at rather...
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    Cat behaving different after vaccine

    My kittens both got shots for rabies, felv and distemper the other day. I know that it is normal to be tired and have less appetite afterwards but one of my kittens is acting very different. He was always super chill and relaxed when I pick him up and never minded being picked up at all. You...
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    Help! Is my male cat really female?

    I think you do have a girl. The two holes look pretty close together and it looks like more female to me. This is a good link but sometimes I find it hard to tell. How to determine a kitten's sex
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    Fostering cats and dogs with cats

    My old cat of 17 years and dog of 16 years recently passed away. I decided to adopt two kittens who are 12 and 15 weeks and they are settling in nicely. I wanted cats that would bond with each other and I am more of a cat person and they are easier then dogs especially late in life when they get...
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    Introducing kittens

    I now have kitten besties already. There is no more hissing from the younger one and I see now why the older one was called mellow. Now that he has a kitten to play with there is no more swiping at our hands or feet in play. I played with him a lot before the other but it was not like having a...
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    Introducing kittens

    So they have had one evening and this is the second full day. The 15 week kitten has been the one to always initiate play fighting. Sometimes he seems annoyed like that the new kitten stole his bed and other times it seems like he is trying to play. He barely does the chirpy squirrel noise he...
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    Another hair post.

    So this is my second kitten and once again it is really hard to tell if the fur type will be long or short. It seems sort of in betweenish again. He has longish wispy hairs growing in and his ears seem a bit tufty but it is hard to tell. His fur color is interesting. In some lights it looks...
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    Introducing kittens

    Ok I finally got the new kitten weighed and he does weigh less. He is 3.6 and the older kitten is 5.2. Here are some pictures. The black cat is the 15 week kitten and the white and brownish/greyish one is the 12 week kitten. The one picture shows a brief moment of ears back in the black kitte...
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    Introducing kittens

    Ok day 1 is here. So the smaller kitten did not work out. He had a lot of weight to gain before going home and still had soft poop so they showed me another kitten before it went on their page. He is 12 weeks and the first kitten is 15 weeks and 5 pounds so I was thinking the new one would be a...
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    Is my kitten a medium hair or a short hair?

    I got him a harness for when he is a bit bigger. He is a little small still right now. He is way to little to go outside but I don’t know if he will try to get out the door and he is so small it helps to find him in the house. He is microchipped and fixed but he has some more vaccines still. He...