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    24/7 vet chat line - worth 45 dollars a month?

    @mxphs If you haven't already, I would take the $45 a month and put it towards Pet Insurance instead. (Or a savings account for vet visits). When something is going on with my cats, I call the vet and ask the technician / receptionist. They'll ask the vet if it's worth an appointment usually...
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    Attention seeking kitten

    Magnus was like that at 6 months too. We had so much trouble keeping him occupied. We did get some electronic toys which helped. We had to very much experiment with what he liked; we ended up with some recycled fur toys from Etsy. He became a bit more independent once older and we found some...
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    Thoughts on Orijen food

    Some cats cannot handle Orijen's high level of protein. It can cause many issues. I and many I know used to feed it before the formula change as it was more accessible than Fromm (and had no cheese like Fromm did which I had to move from). When the formula changed many people had issues. It...
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    Is it possible to accurately guess how long any particular cat will live?

    Its not always about us. I certainly needed Lily. She was too tired. She was literally my support animal. The only animals needed more would be support animals that leave the home with you.
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    Cat Has Zero Interest In Food Past 24 hours

    It can't ake about 24 hours with the shots for them to want to eat. I have offered some plain chicken Churus during that time with good success. Did the vet give some recovery food? Calcifer would only eat that when he had this happen (wasn't pancreatic though). I also suggest putting...
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    my kitten keeps randomly meowing?

    Oh it's very normal to have new-kitten anxiety. You are not alone. Your other kitten is being bordered so it could be looking for his friend too. Some cats become chatty as they settle in to their forever home. If you want to encourage the behaviour, you can respond verbally. If you don't...
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    Does my kitten have her adult coat now?

    I don't think she'll have her adult coat yet at only 23 weeks. We also have a cat whose coat is very different in summer and winter.. you might find her more floofy in winter 🥶!
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    After Enema questions

    Some other posters on this site have also not had luck with lactulose. I believe it can cause issues with dehydration. ( You can check by gently pinching the back of her neck and seeing if the skin springs back into place). My cat was put on Restorilax (aka. Miralax - unflavored) 1/4 tsp twice...
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    Need A Long-Term Stool Softener

    It was my vet who recommended it to me. When the crystals are fully dissolved they will hold that water and take it to the colon, rather than pull water from the cat's body. Nobel was having some issues with hydration as well. My vet said to start with a 1/4 tsp twice a day. More can be...
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    Need A Long-Term Stool Softener

    Why can't you give Miralax long term? Many of us do. As long as you're making sure it's dissolved before adding it to food, it shouldn't cause any issues. Some other members even use it for their cats with other underlying healthy issues. I'm sure they can share the research or you can search...
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    Budget dairy-free kitten wet food?

    Cats should never have cows milk at all :)
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    Budget dairy-free kitten wet food?

    Dairy in cat foods is usually cow. The lactose found in cow milk and the lactose found in cat milk would not be the same. (For ex. People who are lactose intolerant can usually have goat milk or cheese as it's a different lactose.) Iams Perfect Portions has kitten food. As does Purina Pro Plan...
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    Older cat with changed miaow.

    Dementia can happen during aging. It can increase meowing and distraction level. Beginnings of deafness or blindness can increase distraction too. You can check responsiveness to movement, and high sounds (keys jingling) and low sounds (drum lightly on something you're holding - not touching...
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    Is it possible to accurately guess how long any particular cat will live?

    I would consider them indoor as well. Especially if your yard is fenced. Nobel used to even go outside in our back yard by himself since it's fenced.
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    Cat suddenly scared when I stand or move

    I use YouTube music for mine. There's many composers if you google it. They limit high frequencies usually and sometimes include purring. Study: Music composed just for cats can calm them during exams
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    Help/Advice for introductions

    @Graham18 Until they play with sight on opposite sides of the gate, it's best not to proceed to full access, in my opinion. Full access needs them to not be so focused on one another. There needs to be distractions, etc. This may be moot, as I didn't read all and if it is my apologies.
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    My resident cat won't accept the new Kitty

    Chiming in that it sounds like it's going excellently. It took about 6 months to get our 14 year old cat to like our kitten. Some tips that aren't always included in the introduction things: 1. Skip the food if it's causing one of the cats stress. Use treats if you can, but don't force it...
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    Vomiting & strange litter box behavior

    @BeccaT Cat urine will smell strongly if she's holding it a bit more or peeing less frequently. Is her dish raised? Something about the height of the boxes that canned food comes in, not too high, is great for cats with sensitive tummies that may have a bit more acid build up. Or even the...
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    Spay recovery—a question

    You'll want to prevent wrestling still, which is why I recommend supervised visits. Even as a solo kitten, the vet won't want you letting her run around :) He might be able to smell that she is healing and you might not have any issue. But you won't know until it's tested.** That sounds fairly...