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    Cats don’t recognize dog after grooming

    Hello. My dog got groomed yesterday and it was a pretty dramatic haircut. He’s a long hair and he almost looks shaved. I have 8 cats and yesterday when he came home, only 1 recognized him. I was reading about scent and sight so the most dramatic cat, Coby, is nowhere near my dog and at the sight...
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    When cats attack

    Hi all. I came home yesterday morning and found fur and possibly pee on the floor. I have 8 cats and everyone is fixed and 2 are aggressors and 1.5 are the victims. The aggressors: Mochi and Bear are bottle baby siblings currently 4yo and Bobo is a foster fail currently 2yo. There was never any...
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    I’m so scared for my Cookie

    Hello all. I’m an emotional wreck. I just had to put my cat Sunny down 2 weeks ago. Now Cookie is at the emergency vet. She’s been lethargic and not eating starting yesterday. When I brought her to her regular vet, she had a fever of 106.3 which is organ damaging high. He did blood work and she...
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    Oldish man Sunny having bathroom problems

    Sunny is 11yo and just got over a upper respiratory infection 2ish months ago. I had him since he was a bottle baby. We foster kittens and have a downstairs bathroom for them only but my mom lets them roam around when she's preparing their food. We recently had a foster fail adoptee and had a...
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    How do I protect my cats when volunteering at a shelter?

    Hi all. I volunteer and foster kittens from an spca near me. They have/had panleuk going around and I wear ppe in those areas and avoid when possible. I literally don't do anything else with my time except volunteer and work in a warehouse. I brought home upper respiratory infection and 7/8 of...
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    Possible aspiration in 2 week old foster

    I'm fostering 4 2ish week olds and I've been feeding for the past 3 days while off work. My mom got last week when she was on vacation. It seems like they get used to who's feeding them and the other has issues at first. She just started up again because I go to work tomorrow. She had all of...
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    Indoorish cat ran away

    I cannot emotionally deal with this. I feel like I’ve shut down. I raised Coby from a baby with my mom. He was a foster fail. At one point we thought he was going to die. He usually runs out than comes right back. I worked 10.5hrs last night and my mom let him out this morning at 5am. I saw on...
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    Major cat anxiety help

    Luna was just diagnosed with keratitis which is a chronic inflammation of the cornea possibly due to her feline herpes so she will have regular visits to the eye vet which is 30mins away. The first fright I sped her to the er vet which is the same place. She threw up and pooped on the ride there...
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    Luna's eye problem

    Curious if anyone has had a cat with Luna's problem. It started a few weeks ago and it wasn't bad. I took her to emergency and went home with eye drops that almost cleared her eye then it came back and it's worse now. The er vet said it was possibly due to a trauma or something with her feline...
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    Curious about toy aggression?

    Coby my 1.5yo neutered male is crazy about this toy that came with the cat wheel from One Fast Cat. My mom spent $20 just on the toy and laser pointer and I would have stopped her but I'm kind of glad she did. The toy is a fuzzy mouse thing with leather strings on the end (photo). Coby recently...
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    Cat licking things help

    Hi all. My cat Mochi is a spayed 2yo and 1/8 cats in the home. She was bottle fed at 3-4 weeks by my mom and I. She started doing this weird behavior of licking the couch or wall for like 5 mins straight. My previous cat Star who died of lymph node or lung cancer had developed the same habit a...
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    Baobao making biscuits

    Baobao/meatball/marble She's not usually a biscuit maker but she picked the wrong spot this time lol :flail:
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    Cat ate string help?

    Autumn was fostered by my mom and I at 4 weeks with 3 of her siblings, 2 passed - one from FIP. I call her Audumdum lol and she was always scared of people including my mom and I but she LOVES other cats and tries to be friends with them. The one time she actually wanted to be loved was after a...
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    Remembering Jaguar

    We adopted Jaguar at 10 weeks old in 2005 when I was 9yo. We lived with a family friend and Jaguar scratched at his door carpet trying to get in so he lived in the basement. I remember Jaguar would meow at like 4am and I snuck treats upstairs for him. I would fill my water bottle cap with water...
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    Moving with multiple cats?

    Hi there! My mom and I are planning on moving in 2-3 years but I’ll probably forget about this question lol. Is there a certain way to move with multiple cats? We have 8 cats and kittens right now and we’re planning on moving 1-3 hours away. We’re going to take our time so we’re not going to...
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    Last night er vet visit

    Hi all... i don’t know what to say. I went to the vet er last night because my baby girl was lethargic, had a fever on Thursday, and was limping. She’s only 9 months old. The vet said that she has a heart murmur but it might be from being at the vet. She was saying maybe cancer but she’s young...
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    Luna's litter box problem

    Hi. I don't know where to begin. Luna is a 3/4 yr old scaredy cat that I saved from a bad situation. My ex-friend's friend's family was renting out one small room (5 family members) and he decided to add a kitten to that situation. Luna had problems pooping on the stair carpet, my mom was done...
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    8 month old less playful

    Hi! That is Marble but we've been calling her meatball. We fostered her at 4 weeks with her sister then adopted both. Marble is currently 9-10 lbs so she's overweight for her age. We've been comparing her to her sister who is a perfect weight, playful, and crazy. But now Marble is eating less...
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    Growth on paw pad toes

    Hi! I’ve attached pictures of Mochi’s toe and there’s a growth on it. Do you think I can do something about it? She didn’t seem bothered by it.