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    Is My Cat Russian Blue?

    This is pretty much what @Kieka said. It says in bold THIS IS NOT A BREED TEST so you cant get papers from it or any DNA test. Cat Ancestry
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    Cats In Boxes!

    Oh Velvet loves boxes, sitting in them and... tearing them
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    Post Your Cats Sun Bathing

    Velvet- sorry the photo is so dark
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    Cat Keeps Running Away Outside

    How long have you had him? He's probably still freaked out from his earlier experience. Just give him some time and he'll feal more comfortable. Some cats just like bieng outside. If yo want him to be an indoor ca you can take him for walks on a leash (I know it sound wierd, but I know quit a...
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    Rebel Kitties-show Us Your Cats Breaking The Rules!

    Velvet getting ready to open a door. Ever since she learned how to open doors (by herself) we’ve had no privacy:crazy:. She stands on her hind legs, puts one paw on the knob, and one on the handle that she puts all her wieght on (which is a lot:lol:).
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    Need Some Advice With Teaching My Two Cats To Sit?

    Same thing happened to me .My cat was way more interested in getting the treat out of my hand that sitting.:)
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    Is My Kitten A Russian Blue

    @jen But they need a Russian blue because it is a party hypoallergenic cat. I suggest getting one from a breeder if you are really looking for one. Also Siberian cats tend to be better at not causing allergies.
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    The “plop”

    There are those times when she goes outside and doesn’t want to be picked up so she does a trust fall and puts all of her weight into it : ). Or when we put on her harness.
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    The “plop”

    Lol it’s really funny how they do these things ; ) She does the same thing Olive does, even has green eyes : )
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    The “plop”

    I'm just asking, but whenever my cat does something wrong, we look at Velvet and say her name to make her stop. She looks back at us, stops what she is doing and just literally fall onto her side so her stomach is showing. It’s like she knows she doing something she’s not suppose to and tries to...
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    Show Me Your Belly !!!

    Snowy, white and fluffy
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    Come'on In And Post Photos Of Your Cats In And Around Their Tunnels..........

    More of an exercise tube, but still a tunnel I guess.
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    Clyde Bites When Picked Up

    My cat use to do that too sometimes. Try ignoring him for 5 minutes after he bites. Also how old is he? It seems like he is young. This works better for kittens than adult cats that don’t care.
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    Cat Photos: Fail!

    Here is Velvet... with a blur for a head
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    Naughty Cats

    If inleft it in a small glass jar, she would have found a way to drag it up the stairs and drop it down ; ).
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    Is This Biting Behavior Normal?

    I agree. I am trying to teach my cat right now not to attack my hand when I am dragging along one of her toys. : )
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    Naughty Cats

    When I went to get Velvet food this is how the food bag looked like.
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    Naughty Cats

    Look this is Velvet tearing up a paper cup Then this’s is her looking innocent...
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    Naughty Cats

    Sorry @Eclipsekittens