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  1. mashathekitty

    does my cats incision look okay?

  2. mashathekitty

    my cats always hissing

    my cat 10 months and not steralized yet is a very sweet cat but atleast to me she sleeps with me always, licks me, rubs against me. but she is also very scared of everybody else in my family like even to me she always wants to be left alone. she really hates guests. i dont know if shes...
  3. mashathekitty

    xmas eve cat

    :hearthrob: masha wearing a santa hat :happycat:
  4. mashathekitty


    sorry for the rant i just need to let it out but everybody in my house is calling me crazy because i care too much for my cat.. i watch her do everything i cant let her alone i dont know what to do because my anxiety is sm worse now because i fear she might get hurt because of falling down the...
  5. mashathekitty

    should i close my kittens litter box

    shes a 9 week old kitten and she has been with me for only 4 days… is it too early to close her litter box because the smell is horrible, i dont mind cleaning at all i wash it change it i clean as soon as i see her do her business. i read that kittens or cats don’t like closed litter boxes so...
  6. mashathekitty

    cat stinky like poopy

    i have recently got a kitten, shes 9 weeks old and is it normal for her to not wash her butt? is it because shes young or something else. she doesn’t stain anything she sits on however her butt does have poop stains and she stinks a bit like poop.. just want advice or need to know if this is normal…