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  1. webmiss

    2 cat household- resident isn’t getting along with new cat

    Hello, so we have always had a 2 cat household. we have now had 5 cats, over 20+ years. All 2 at a time. So we are used to introducing and have never had any issues. We’ve had both 2 males and male/female. Always fixed. This winter we lost our 15 year old male Himalayan Leo. He was such a good...
  2. webmiss

    Meow Strained?

    hello, I just want some opinions about my kitty. He's an 11 year old Himalayan, he has a history of allergies and runny eyes. In the past years he would have sporadic coughing due to allergies/ asthma. It's a seasonal occurrence. Sometimes his purr sounds mungy even. ( I give him l lysine for...
  3. webmiss

    Suggestions on taking long vacations

    This will be the third year that we will be out of town for about 2 months. Our cats spend this time at my parents house, whom my cats know and like. ( we have two cats) We usually take them over there several times for a few hours each time before we leave to help them get used to it...
  4. webmiss

    Successful Options other than ecollar

    My 6 month old kitten , 6 lbs Himalayan, is getting spayed on Wednesday. She's a rambunctious girl and I just know she will HATE an ecollar. Anyone have any recommendations of other successful options to prevent her from messing with her stitches? Tube socks aren't big enough for her.
  5. webmiss

    Questions about arthritis

    My 10 year old kitty has been dealing ( very well) with arthritis in both his back knees. He is on cosequin which has worked wonders for him. He runs and plays , I call him my little pony because of the galloping around the house. Lately he's been playing a lot more than usual as we have a new...
  6. webmiss

    Kitty's had a cold for a while now

    Hello, My 10 year old cat ( who has asthma/allergies) has come down with a mild cold. He has been sneezing ( not multiple in a row more like just one big sneeze here and there) , head shaking, and swallowing a lot. He then starting coughing a few days in ( he normally only coughs when his...
  7. webmiss

    Resident cat and new kitten getting along?

    Hello, We recently have adopted a new 4 month old kitten as a new friend for our 10 year old kitty at home, who himself still acts like a kitten. We recently ( 3 months ago) lost our oldest kitty so we felt the survivor needed a new companion after everyone had had enough time. Introductions...
  8. webmiss

    lost our old friend...should we get a new friend?

    Hello! To start we used to have two cats both Himalayans. We lost our kitty memorial day weekend, he was 13 years old. Its been very hard for us. Our other surviving kitty is 10 years old, still a very playful rambunctious guy. I think he misses his buddy, I notice hes been sleeping a little...
  9. webmiss

    12 yr old cat peeing outside of the litter box - HELP

    My 12 yr old male Himalayan has had a long track record of urinary issues. Background info: He has had the pu surgery several years ago, he is on royal canin urinary so - a god send. And since the surgery and the royal canin food we have had no infections. We are a two cat household, with 4...