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    Cats and new furniture protection

    Wasn't really sure where to put this but I think it's a cat care thing. Anyway I'm scoping out new furniture and I have a cat that's hyper about clawing into things. I'm somewhat worried about her scratching brand new expensive material I'd also like to get a recliner and last thing I want to...
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    Cat only eats shred?

    I've been wondering why my cat wouldn't eat wet food for the longest time until I gave it shreds and it's actually eating it, is this a normal thing? I've read siamese cats are picky eaters never has she been with dry food. I just find this odd behavior but I guess some are just picky texture...
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    My cat just chills?

    I'm unsure if this is normal behavior I have a mixed Siamese, it use to be my cat would lay on me and what not now my cat just seems to want to be near me. She'll lay next to me but if I go to attempt to grab her she'll try to make a run for it. If I pick her up theirs no fighting and she seems...
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    Cats are weird

    My cats been doing this new thing where she'll keep her distance then 5 minutes later run right up to me and want to be around me, for example if she sees me she'll just sit at a distance then if I close a door she'll come right up to it throwing a fit about wanting to be let in.
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    3 pound bag vs 30 pound

    So I've bought 30 pound bags before and they lasted all year though is it really a good idea to store dry food for that long? I mean can it dry it out even more and go bad I'm assuming not but those with only one cat and a small bowel does a 3 pound bag usually last you the entire month? I'm...
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    If a cat puts her paws over her head then scratches

    Does that mean anything? I've noticed it sometimes with my cat my cat's always been an indoor cat then she'll often scratch I'm unsure if it can be fleas I've seen no black speckles on her fire, but can cat's still catch fleas even when indoors?
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    Accidentally stepping on paws

    I know we hate it but it eventually happens so how does your cat react, mine usually gives a slight meow before it even happen so luckily the little thing has the reflexes of superman.
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    I don't understand my cat sometimes

    She'll see me try to run away and then like 10 minutes later when I ignore her be at my feet rubbing against them. I always just figured it was a game of chase me if you can then their mind changes and decide they want love.
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    Cats and tvs

    Well I can't really get mad at the cat here, I installed a android box on my tv and notice the cat likes to attack the tv whenever the mouse cursor moves or something is loading. So I'm wondering if there's really any tricks I can do or something I can buy to start making the cat ignore it more...
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    Do cats like to play hide and seek?

    My cat has this odd behavior, one minute she'll be laying on my lap letting me hold her and what not the next it's a dart away try to catch me if I can snd I'll hide from you type of game. I'm assuming it's notmal behavior because I've yet to been swatted or hissed at when I've discovered it's...
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    Cat throwing up dry food

    At first I thought it was a hairball, but examining it it's the same exact color as her food. I've tried all I could do to get my cat to eat wet food but she simply always goes for dry food. The cat seems fine afterwards however making normal meows and puurs so I'm unsure if it's killing her or...
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    Cat acting weird after rearranging home

    I recently rearranged my home and noticed a couple days later my cats been acting werid, I'm unsure if she maybe still be frightened over the noise from the help I've had but she'll bolt away then sit on one piece of carpet and let me pet her. She acted a bit startled when I picked her up but...
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    Your cat and other people

    Does your cat act differently towards you or someone else? I noticed when I have other people around I'm the only person she'll go to and sit on. She doesnt act afraid of them and let's them pet her but I've wondered if cats get jealous when you give someone else attention
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    Cat wont eat wet food

    I have a 1 or 2 year old cat guessing the age that i picked up from a farm house when she was around 6 months old, shes only ever been fed dry food. I've been trying to lay out more wet food but the kitty only eats about half a small can then let's the rest go to wast. I've been trying different...
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    Possible cancer or cyst? [Pic]

    I'm talking to a vet to try to arrange a call but I found a red lump the other day which is concerning, she possibly looks as if she scratched her neck too hard at least that's what I'm hoping some.
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    Do all cats get spooked so easily?

    Sometimes my cat looks at me like shes terrified then if I slightly move she'll dart the other way across the room. Then she'll approach me plop right down in the middle of the floor and stretch her body out like nothing happened and when u sit down law in my lap a few minutes and dart off...
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    Cat Doesnt Like Outdoors?

    Well theres a window my cat likes to sit at which is right by the front door. My cats ben an indoor pet her entire life. When I was bringing food in she darts outside then just stops on the pavements sees me chasing after her and runs back inside. Maybe its fear that stopped her running out...
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    Do Cats Play Tag?

    I've had a cat do this in the past now this one, it seems as if cats enjoy finding hiding spots then run and act as if they will attack you when you turn to look at them they'll simply retreat and try to hide again. I find this as adorable play. Though I'm wondering if other cat owners have...
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    Cat Keeps Swatting?

    I cant tell if this is a swat or dont go thing? My cat keeps throwing its paw up in the air whenever I start to leave, almost acts frightened then acts sad when I'm gone, then when she acts frightened she runs right back out to me.
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    3 Month Kitten Behavior

    Should I expect 3 month old cats to bite? I have the sweetest little female cat but lately I noticed as she got more comfortable she'll try and bite, being picked up, playing etc...In the next minute shes loving and licking my hands. I've only had her a week is this a new home kind of thing or...