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    Any cat wipes for teeth you recommend?

    Hello, Are there any dental wipes you guys recommend? My cat teeth aren't great, and her breath smells pretty bad. I take her in for dental cleanings once a year, but feel like I could do more.
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    Cat Constantly Moving Her Food From Her Bowl?

    Hi, So for the longest time, whenever my cat gets something she enjoys to eat. She'll pick up the food out of the bowl and move a few inches away to eat. She'll do this and some chunks of food will fall on my carpet. I do have a little mat around her bowl, but she does move just far away for it...
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    Is Terro Ant Killer Safe For Cats?

    So recently moved to a new home. Always noticed some small ants in my bedroom. Today I moved my cat's food bowl somewhere for an hour by mistake. When I came over to change it, I noticed a ton of ants crawling over the food, and even more crawling on the walls. I went out and got some Ortho...
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    Cat friendly Mosquito Repellent?

    So I'm trying to find a mosquito repellent to repel mosquitoes off of me, but a lot of the solutions seem to be poisonous for cats. Obviously I won't spray on my cat, but once I spray it on myself, I'll come into contact with my cat, so not sure what to do there? Anyone know of any solutions?
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    Just moved, cat still hasn't pooped yet?

    Hello, So I just moved my cat yesterday in the morning. It's being over 30 hours now. So my cat is very very shy, she hides and runs away from everyone but me. And she didn't handle the move well. I'm keeping her just in my bedroom. She is now hiding under my bed blanket where she has being...
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    How To Select A New Vet?

    So I'm moving to a new state. The travel isn't that far, but it's a new area. I'm going to have to find a new vet for my cat. Wondering how people recommend I look for the right one? So far asking around there seems to be two good option. One with a lot of positive recommendations, slightly...
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    Cat Lost a bit of weight recently?

    So my cat in the last 3 months has lost around 12% of her body weight. Same vet weighed her three months ago. Vet did bloodwork, and didn't find anything. Could the weight loss just have being weight that she gained in the winter? Heard cats gain weight in the winter. In the winter, she weighed...
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    How Many Cats Are Euthanized In The USA Each Year?

    So unfortunately many pets are killed each year. Do we know currently how many cats are euthanized in recent years? The only reliable source I have is the ASPCA here: Pet Statistics But they don't have a source. Can anyone provide any more concrete information on this?
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    Thoughts On Cat Backpacks?

    What do we think of cat backpacks? Would want one to take my cat to the vet, or maybe to take her outside to enjoy the outside for a bit. Anyone have any thoughts? Any you would recommend?
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    Are There Any Health Benefits To Letting Your Cat Go Into Heat Once?

    From what my vet has told me, letting your cat go into heat, even once, greatly increases the chance of the cat having breast cancer. But I've also heard people say they let their cat go into heat once since it increases that cat's bone growth and bodily maturity? What do people think of this...
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    Do Cat Teeth Wipes Help? Dental health?

    So I took my cat to a dental appointment yesterday. She had a cleaning under anesthesia. She is recovering fine. Just wondering what I can do for her to help her teeth not get worse again anytime soon? Do dental wipes like these help...
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    What Causes Cat's Fur "Softness" To Vary Throughout The Day?

    So my 4 year old's cat fur quality seems to vary a lot? One part of the day it's super soft, a few hours later, it becomes a bit rougher, then the next hour, it could be super soft again, and other times it's extremely soft to the touch. What causes this variation throughout the day?
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    Cat being having diarrhea for 3 days now? Switched to new food to quick?

    Hello, So I had my cat mostly on wet and a little dry. Recently I switched to a new dry food, Rawz chicken/turkey dry food, and she is mostly eating that a smaller amount of wet. She is eating it fine. Before I switched her to that, she was having constipation where it took her 3 days to pass...
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    Darwin Raw Cat Food?

    Being reading about raw, and considering allowing my cat to eat raw. Saw that Darwin has a cheaper one time start sample. Just wondering what people think of Darwin raw? Heard some people worry about it having too much bone? This is a concern since I feel like my cat is already a bit constipated.
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    Anyone Here Free Feed Wet Food?

    I guess I understand the argument against free feeding cat dry food, but what is the harm with wet food? That the food goes bad? Thinking of free feeding my cat wet food when I got to sleep.
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    Should I stick away from some types of handsoaps with my cat?

    So could be overthinkings this. Could it be possible that I'm causing some irritation with my cat every time I use a dial scented lavendar and jasmine hand soap? Could that be a possibility? Would it be safer to throw it out and start using a plain Dove bar of soap every time I wash my hands?
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    Detergent Safe For cats? Is the above detergent a good washing maching detergent I can use for my cats towels? I normally throw in their stuff with my normal stuff into the washing machine. Plus my cat likes to sleep on my bed. Just want to make sure it's...
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    Non toxic cleanser for bathroom for my cats?

    So my cat like to hang out in my bathroom a lot. She like lying in my empty bathtub, and she eats her wet food in the bathtub as well. Just wondering what cleansers I should use? I see people recommend using a combination of vinegar and dish soap, but don't cats hate vinegar? Also if I do use...
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    How much should I feed to ensure against fatty liver disease?

    So I have a 7.5 pound cat. I want to transition her from dry and some wet to just wet. She is currently mostly eating dry. I'm feeding her wellness pate chicken. Not sure how much she needs to eat to maintain? I hear all sorts of calculations with weight and calories? I know she'll still want...
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    confused what kind of bowl to feed my cat?

    Hi, So I'm a new cat owner. I adopted a 6 year old male cat. I know cats are very picky, so I want to make sure I give them the right bowls to feed and drink from. I know a lot of people recommend steel bowls. But from what I read, a lot of sites that sell them, advertise them as steel, but are...