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  1. haileym1

    Healthy cat food options

    I’m currently in search of better wet and dry food options for my kitties. I have 2 girls one is a year old and the other is 9 months. Currently eating fancy feast and meow mix (I know terrible but they’re picky and my vet was no help 😐) any recommendations on better options?
  2. haileym1

    Kitten spay

    I got my kitten spayed yesterday, they didn’t want me to put a cone on her as it would stress her out. I haven’t noticed any excessive licking. She is still eating and drinking well and I’ve been trying to prevent her from jumping and and playing as much as possible but she is 9 months old 😂...
  3. haileym1

    Spay while in heat

    My 9 month old kitten that I recently rescued is in her 2nd heat since I’ve rescued her. Her last heat lasted about 4 days. She is due to get spayed 6 days from now. I couldn’t afford to take her to my normal vet for this procedure but I did get an appointment with my local shelter who does low...
  4. haileym1

    Fluffy cat

    I adopted a 10 week old kitten from my local shelter last year around this time. She’s now a year old and I’m curious as to what breed she is. She is very fluffy and a large cat for being a year old. I have heard Chantilly Tiffany as well as Bombay.
  5. haileym1

    Introducing 2 female cats

    I recently took in a stray female who I believe is a little under a year old (she’s very small). I am unsure of whether or not she is fixed. I also have another female cat who is a little over a year old who is fixed. I have the stray separated from my cat until I can get her to a vet and have...
  6. haileym1

    Constant swallowing

    I recently took in a stray cat. I have another cat so I am keeping them separated for now. She was found outside in almost 90 degree weather. When we first found her she was meowing a lot and her voice was already somewhat raspy and I believe she was outside for about 48+ hours. She is eating...