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  1. stephanietx

    Long Haired Cat -> Hairballs -> Vomit : should I shave him ?

    If you're feeding dry food, switch to an all wet food diet and use dry food as treats. Many times, dry food can cause things to not move so smoothly.
  2. stephanietx

    Sudden large lump on cat’s back?

    My cat had a smaller lump on his back and we took him to the vet. She told me it was something quite common (don't remember the name), but nothing to be concerned about. It went away on its own.
  3. stephanietx

    Frequent Urinating and Drinking

    Diabetes can be managed very well in kitties. I hope you get a good treatment plan with his vet.
  4. stephanietx

    Cat runs to bowl, like she wants to eat

    If she continues not eating, I would get her to the vet for an x-ray to make sure there's no obstruction and that she's not constipated.
  5. stephanietx

    My kitten wont play?

    @Linda Gomez how is your kitty today?
  6. stephanietx

    Cat horrible condition Help

    If she's not already eating kitten food, I would start feeding her kitten food and adding in some kitten milk replacement to it for extra nutrients. You might ask the vet for some cans of Hill's Science Diet a/d. That stuff has tons of really good nutrients in it for malnourished kitties.
  7. stephanietx

    My kitten wont play?

    How old is your kitten? Is this a new behavior? Many times, kitties act like this when they're sick. I would get him/her to the vet for a check up and to rule out any illness.
  8. stephanietx

    I need advice about my two neutered babies.

    Kitties are pretty good at self-limiting activity if in pain. I have never confined mine after spay/neuter for more than long enough for the anesthesia to wear off. I've not had any problems either.
  9. stephanietx

    Frequent Urinating and Drinking

    It could also be diabetes. Definitely need to get him to the vet for a thorough check up and blood work.
  10. stephanietx

    Has anyone who had a cat stop eating ever had it end well?

    Yes. My cat had air in his colon and digestive tract. He started vomiting and refused to eat. Got him to the vet for an x-ray to rule out blockage and to get some meds and sub-q fluids. He didn't improve after bringing him home, so he went back to the vet for a couple of days, started eating and...
  11. stephanietx

    Digestive Care or Hairball Control??

    We feed Taste of the Wild dry food. My kitties only get snack size portions of dry to supplement their twice daily wet food feedings. I also use the kibble as treats.
  12. stephanietx

    Digestive Care or Hairball Control??

    If she's throwing up after eating, it could be a food allergy. I would switch to an all canned food diet, or greatly decrease the dry food, and eliminate any fish or chicken flavored foods. Try one protein such as rabbit, duck, venison, or turkey and see if that helps.
  13. stephanietx

    Mouth/lip Issue

    Does this happen when the seasons change? Like from summer to fall and winter to spring? Also, what is he eating? Is it dry or canned? Have you tried an antihistamine?
  14. stephanietx

    No Hairballs After Three Weeks?

    You should never expect your kitty to have a hairball. Modern diets have caused hairballs to become more prominent to the point that owners think they're normal. Reducing or eliminating dry food and increasing or going to a strictly wet food diet will help reduce or eliminate hairballs. Most...
  15. stephanietx

    cat blowing snot bubbles from nose and constantly congested

    Have you ever had any of the discharge cultured to see if she has a secondary infection? This really was key to my herpes kitty's improvement. The culture will tell if there's an infection and if it's viral or bacterial. A sensitivity test will tell the vet which antibiotic, if any, will help...
  16. stephanietx


    I will start off by saying I am not a fan of Convenia. I've had 2 kitties get the shots at various ages. Both of them had adverse reactions, but not to the extent of your kitty. My girls both got extremely fatigued and hardly moved for 10-14 days following the injection. They would eat, sleep...
  17. stephanietx

    Ckd - Almost Time To Say Goodbye

    I am so very sorry you're having to go through this with your precious boy. I've been there, and even though it's hard to go through, I think it's a blessing to not have them linger. My girl crashed, even though she'd been diagnosed and treated for 5 years, and then a couple of weeks later, we...
  18. stephanietx

    Potential Virus/infection?

    Have you changed her food recently?
  19. stephanietx

    Is There Any Issue With Giving My Cat Ice...?

    I used to give my kitten a piece of ice to play with. He loved it. I loved it until I stepped into a cold puddle of water. I don't think there's anything wrong with it.
  20. stephanietx

    Making A Blind Kitten Comfortable

    So happy for you! You might find that the older crew will take these under their paw and kind of become seeing eye cats for their new friends.