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  1. lalagimp

    Pu, Perineal Urethrostomy - Non-stop Licking

    Tommy's doctor said he could have it off at two weeks, but we kept it on for four because of the licking. Then the day he got it off, he licked himself raw, and then ran to me crying to give him treats because he's an emotional eater. After that he was much more gentle to himself. That was 2 1/2...
  2. lalagimp

    Cat Food Deals Forum?

    I got this as well. I saved $20-30. We did the smaller chicken kibble and a flat of the turkey wet.
  3. lalagimp


    hadn't tried that. We use an As Seen on TV called the Lint Lizard. Long flexible plastic tube that connects to a vacuum hose. You can attach it to a shop vac, and it keeps collecting the wads of lint and fluff at the end of the tube, and you retract and pull the wads off the end and then keep...
  4. lalagimp

    Dr. Pitcairn Recipes

    Natural Cat Food Recipes No. I wouldn't. Honestly I did Dr Pierson's recipes so that I could afford to feed my boys the wet food they needed. Feeding them a bunch of carbs and preground meats would have me buying Fancy Feast instead. I would not home cook something that inappropriate for an...
  5. lalagimp

    Did I Fail Storing The Dry Food Or Is She Bored Of The Taste?

    How sensitive is your nose? Are you able to tell when oils have gone off? Like not being done with a bottle of olive oil, but *sniff* and you have to replace it? The food contain natural or added oils, and they can turn over time even if you are properly storing them. It could have started at...
  6. lalagimp


    Not sure. I have not had horses. They do make one for horses, too.
  7. lalagimp


    Furbliss® - Blue Brush for Small Pets with Short Hair Stewart hates it, but is a good sport Furbliss® - Yellow Brush for Large Pets with Short Hair ^^This may be more appropriate for slonky long bois.^^ WOW. I just found a demo video I don't even remember filming.
  8. lalagimp


    There are more than two types of FURminators. I've been following them since 2008/2009. You may be able to find the right one for you through different channels or even eBay. However, I did some alternatives this past year from Vetnique. There is a silicone brush (different styles for different...
  9. lalagimp

    Nature’s Variety Pride By Instinct Grain-free Being Discontinued

    These cups? https://www.chewy.com/s?query=nature%27s+variety&rh=c%3A325%2Cc%3A387%2Cc%3A389%2CFoodForm%3AWet+Food%2Cbrand_facet%3AInstinct%2CFoodTexture%3AMinced
  10. lalagimp

    What To Do With Ripped Bag From Chewy?

    I recognized that bag right away. I threw out a perfectly good bag of Stella and Chewy because my cat got intolerant. Chewy refunded my purchase. The Dr Elseys can go to a colony, or if you know someone that feeds foxes.
  11. lalagimp

    Foods That Are Just Gravy Or Soup?

    I would try Weruva Slide n Serve pates. Halo doesn't seem like what they are describing. If you really want more soup/broth stuff then Caru works well, but the pricing is on the high end. Weruva Weruva Slide N’ Serve Paté cat food Variety Pack: The Brat Pack Caru Caru Pet Food Classics Stew...
  12. lalagimp

    How Does Your Cat Do On Gabapentin For Vet Aggression?

    I think I'm supposed to finish painting this picture by saying I was the passenger and not the driver when we took Stewart in yesterday. I just finished making a huge batch of raw cat food an hour ago, and I'm loopy.
  13. lalagimp

    How Does Your Cat Do On Gabapentin For Vet Aggression?

    Ah. Thanks. That is the spider graph of all threads. I'm not entirely level headed since I totaled my car last week. I was on my way to another appointment in our other car - the one I can't even figure out where the unlock button is in side.
  14. lalagimp

    How Does Your Cat Do On Gabapentin For Vet Aggression?

    Our boys are harness trained. I make sure their nails are clipped before we go. I held his leash while he rode in the floor and would feel if he moved because the leash was along my leg and TMI I don't shave them. He never moved. He doesn't roam the vehicle. Our carriers don't have a restraint...
  15. lalagimp

    How Does Your Cat Do On Gabapentin For Vet Aggression?

    We were given a new prescription and a love letter at the bottom of his report card today for his annual exam. He got his prozac renewed, his scripts for new inhalers, and he knows every time we do this that the needle is coming out for a blood draw. He grows at everyone, and when they all have...
  16. lalagimp

    Home-cooked ... Skin Or No Skin.

    I do Dr Pierson's slurry instead of a premix, and she said that if I have to keep the weight on Tom, I might as well use all the poultry skin and get "more bang for your buck".
  17. lalagimp

    Cat Food Deals Forum?

    I still have way too much Sheba from the last one!
  18. lalagimp

    Male Cat Post Urethral Obstruction Surgery Question

    They told me Tommy's bleeding would clear up, but his got worse, and he was peeing smaller and smaller amounts, and I took him back to the ER. They cathed him again.
  19. lalagimp

    Sweet Smelling Fur

    My BW DSH TUX male is the best smelling cat. I wish he could sleep on my pillow if I weren't allergic to all my cats. Stew-Romatherapy
  20. lalagimp

    Post Pu Surgery

    I understand you hadn't explained what happened with PJ, but was aware of his passing. I had my own concerns with Tommy and his PU, but my boyfriend said that even if he strictured after the surgery, that we got the extra time with him that we wouldn't have, and that the funds were well spent...