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  1. drjean

    So long, farewell!

    I must now bid you wonderful folks a fond farewell and return to reality...It's really been fun to spend this week with you! I learned a lot and hope you did too! If you have more questions, don't forget to check my website, www.littlebigcat.com. Our free article library was created to be a...
  2. drjean

    Anyone doing -cooked- homemade diets?

    Now it's MY turn to ask a question!!! I am looking for cats that are eating a homemade diet, but with cooked meat instead of raw meat. Ann Martin recommends this method, but most people seem to be all about either staying with commercial food or going totally raw. If you're doing this (or have...
  3. drjean

    Wet food vs. dry

    I thought it might be less confusing to make this its own topic, an offshoot of http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...48#post2256848 So, Ronronne, I must say that yours was a very excellent rant! Now it's my turn!!! I can see where you might have gotten into difficulty using pumpkin with...