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  1. greypaws

    Why? Cat Tries To Bury Food

    Well this is a first and I probably have my answer but last night, after putting out Mr Sparky bedtime snack, he hopped onto the counter, took a sniff and proceeded to try and bury it. Same as when he covers something in the litter box. I had only put out more of his regular food which he eats...
  2. greypaws

    Does Water Source Matter for Healthy Cat?

    I read somewhere on here, someone??  said that you must give purified water to keep cats healthy. I've a FLUD boy, we have well water. So what is the best choice, well water, bottled drinking water, distilled water or Britta filtered water? Or doesn't it really matter, just one of those "if...
  3. greypaws

    Does Your Cat Help With Chores?

    I get the biggest kick out of Mr Sparky 'helping' me with my chores. He is, depending on what I'm doing, right next to me, involved with nose stuck into what I'm doing or just hanging out in the room. Even when I vacuum he doesn't leave, just goes to the other side of the room. I'm used to this...
  4. greypaws

    Suggestions for Interactive Puzzles

    I've been looking at interactive puzzles for my Mr 'good boy' Sparky. There are so many to choose from. Looking for your feedback on which ones that you hide treats in, were a hit in your home and which ones were a miss? We thank you in advance.
  5. greypaws

    Mr Sparky in the Snow

    It got up to 40 degrees today, so I took Mr Sparky out wearing his harness and leash, for a trip thru the snow. He is either extremely brave or this isn't his first rodeo, I mean snow....... He walked around like it wasn't there. The expression on his face when I first put him down, was...
  6. greypaws

    Pawsitively Exciting News, Only Took 2 Months

    I'm sure this is no big deal to most of you here, yet I wanted to share. It's taken me a full 2 months to convince our Mr. Sparks, 2-3 adult, adopted shelter cat that it is perfectly fine to take cat naps on the couch. Apparently he was in a good home for a long while, as he has perfect house...
  7. greypaws

    Any Additional Suggestions to Keep FLUD Cat Healthy?

    Update, took Mr Sparks yesterday for recheck on urine, post 3.5 weeks of being feed only canned Royal Canin Feline Urinary SO. Clean catch showed only trace of blood, no crystals of either kind. He has also lost weight, 10#.10 oz down from 11#.8oz and his black coat is no longer shiny and he has...
  8. greypaws

    Might He Be A Ragdoll Mix?

    This is just a curiosity, I really don't care what he is, his breed is 'mine' and I love him to pieces     Long story short, I adopted him about 6 weeks ago, shelter says he's 2-3 yrs old. Recently a friend visited, whom took one look at him and said he was a Ragdoll MIX. Never heard of Ragdolls...
  9. greypaws

    Scratching Posts Advice Needed

    Help folks :) :) I'm up to #4 scratching posts, 2 he refuses to use, 1 was too short and 1 for now, seems to be a winner. So my question, we've a big house, I want to get another one or two to place where he attacks the carpet the most. Do I continue to try different textures or get 2 more of...
  10. greypaws

    What Are The Worst Ingredients in Canned Food & The Best

    Thank you so much for all your advice on my other thread regarding feeding my FLUD adult cat. I've one more question, for now LOL, what are the absolute shouldn't be there ingredients in the canned cat food? I think I'm doing too much reading and getting confused. I know I need low phosphorous...
  11. greypaws

    Which Grain Free Canned to Feed After FLUD Diagnosis

    Our recently adopted, from humane society,an adult cat whom came to us with FLUD diagnosis. We've been to vet, he does have blood in urine. For this next month I've got him on Royal Canine, Feline Urinary SO, canned only. Am adding a bit of water to the food and he is drinking about 1/4-1/3 cup...