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  1. daisyd

    Cat hisses at me when I’m upset ..

    I’ve been a cat parent for almost 5 years now to Gracie who let’s just say is not the most affectionate cat.. I’ve had her through most of the hardest times of my life and she has seen me breakdown many times over the years . Lately however if I have a cry she gets scared , bushy tailed and even...
  2. daisyd

    Moving cat between homes

    So hi guys happy new year ! I’ve not been on hear for a long time . My cat Gracie and I fine .. well I’ve actually met someone and find myself missing and worried about Gracie when I stay over his . I hate leaving her alone especially as she has had me in doors with her working all day due to...
  3. daisyd

    Vapour rub

    OMG !! My Gracie is suddenly scared of me - her tail bushy and she is hissing if I go near her !! I’ve had a nasty cold and today put vicks vapour rub on ! Is it this ? Will she be normal again if wash it off? It’s horrible I can’t even walk past her - it’s like I’m a stranger
  4. daisyd

    No Meow !

    Mine is a lighthearted post and in no way complaining as every cat is unique : however as Gracie approaches 3 years (can’t believe the ball of fluff I bought home is nearly 3), I’ve realised I’ve never heard her meow ! Now she chirps, trills , squeaks (yep she does ), growls and hisses However...
  5. daisyd

    Need Cat Sitter Service In Uk

    hi all , I occasionally have to go away with work and have so far managed to find someone to pop in and give Gracie some fresh water, food and litter ! She is very timid and hides from Strangers so she doesn’t need anyone to pet her or anything! I moved into an apartment last year and my...
  6. daisyd

    Gracie Is Overweight

    So my Gracie is slightly overweight- not obese the vet said ; however overweight! Unfortunately we have moved a couple of times in a few months and is suppose I have fed her too many treats. We are both settled now so time for a health kick (for both of us). She loves Thrive cat wet food and has...
  7. daisyd

    Safe House Plants

    Sooo.. Gracie and I have finally moved into our forever home . All is well apart from ex still being nasty ... another story .. Gracie settled in quite quickly this time (thank god ) . I have a big slightly empty living room and want to buy a large house plant for the corner . Are most safe for...
  8. daisyd

    Someone Said They Feel Sorry For My Cat...

    so anyone who has spoken to me knows I love the bones off my Gracie . Have had her since she was tiny! I fled a bad relationship in Feb and we are staying in a beautiful pad in central London until I buy my forever home (hopefully exchange next week ). Just sent a guy been talking to a photo of...
  9. daisyd

    Do They Know If We Have Had Them Since A Kitten ?

    random thought: I’ve had Gracie since she was 7 weeks old if that. Is she aware I’ve been her ‘mummy’ from kinda the start there a difference between when you adopt a cat latter or early in their life ? Do they know ?
  10. daisyd

    Do Cats Know We Love Them?

    if anyone has read my threads they know I’m going through bit of bad time at moment - I’ve had to move Gracie and I out of our home due to DM and I’m frantically trying to find a forever home . I could have been rehomed sooner however I was advised no pets !! I put Gracie first and every place I...
  11. daisyd

    Anyone Else Have Nobody

    I’m unwell with a cold and pretty down . Sometimes only feel I have my cat Gracie which is sad I know . Friends have come and gone, I have no family and a partner who says he’s only with me as he feels guilty. He’s staying with me over Xmas And then he’s going . I’m bearly 40 years old and can’t...
  12. daisyd

    Caught In The Act...

    Grace is not allowed on the kitchen sides and she knows it. When she goes quiet I know she is up to something .. the face says it all ! Have you caught your fur baby being naughty so to speak ?
  13. daisyd

    Games For Cats !

    just downloaded a cat game for grace on the tablet. Didn’t know what to think however she’s quickly worked out how the game works ! I did have a video however couldn’t download. She has at 14 months become very naughty ! There was me thinking she would calm down at 1!
  14. daisyd

    Hollowen !

    i was shopping in a pound shop yesterday (I think all countries have similar shops ) and was quite impressed with the toys and costumes for pets ! Bought my Gracie a ‘bat / Dracula ‘ cat teaser and a blanket . I wanted to get a costume although considering I struggle to put a collar on her I...
  15. daisyd

    Happy 1st Birthday To My Gracie !

    so my little Gracie has hit a milestone birthday - she has turned one year's old. Not sure the exact date - vet weighed her last October and said he was about 7 weeks old ! Im going to buy her a cat fountain and a tiny fleece blanket for on the bottom of our bed for the winter ! There were times...
  16. daisyd

    Anyone Affected By Irma?

    i know some members come from these areas and I just hope you are all safe and everything ok! @Sarthur2 you live in Florida don't you ?
  17. daisyd

    Show Me Your Belly !!!

    My kitten is growing into a big girl now ! 10 months old and nearly a cat ! She loves showing us her belly ... What's your favourite belly shot of your fur babies ?
  18. daisyd

    Cat Litter Tray With Filter ?

    hi I'm shopping for a new bathroom (litter box) for gracie and seem on zooplus they do litter trays with or without filter, she just has a normal litter box with a flap door at the moment . She has always been fantastic with her litter box so don't want to make any big change . How does the...
  19. daisyd

    My Kitten Meows At My Partner But Not Me !!

    So I posted a while back that my kitten / cat (she's 10 months now ) has never meows (only chirps and trills ). Well it transpires she does to my partner ! He even rang me today when I was at work and said how vocal she has become now she is getting big and she was meowing earlier ! When it's...
  20. daisyd

    Does A Microchip On Your Cat Work?

    we had gracie micro chipped as soon as she was big enough (10 weeks I think ) but do lost cats ever get reunited with owners even with these fitted? I had misconception they were fitted with some kind of gps tracker however alas no ! So if she ever went missing (she's an indoor cat however...