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  1. destinyz12

    Dry food suggestions

    Unfortunately, my cats love dry food and beg for it often so I do a split diet of dry in the morning and wet in the evening. With that said, theyre both very picky and won't eat the higher quality brands- They've been eating Crave, which isn't the worst but also not the best, as there is...
  2. destinyz12

    Concerning weight for my cat?

    I know it's hard to tell from pictures, but can anyone give me an idea if my cat (the orange one in the pictures) is really overweight or not? He weighs 15 lbs and is quite a bit taller/longer than my gray one below who weighs 10 lbs but he seems kinda chubby.
  3. destinyz12

    Dry Food- Does Size Of Pieces Matter For Digestion?

    One of my cats has a tendency to swallow most of his dry food pieces whole without chewing, even after switching to bigger sized pieces in hopes that it will force him to chew it, but still nope. In this situation, Is it easier for a cat to digest the smaller sized pieces or does it not really...
  4. destinyz12

    Running Out Of Canned Food Ideas For My Very Picky Cats

    So I have 2 young, healthy cats, and they have both always been on the picky side...or at least my older one has, while the younger one will strangely only eat/copy what the older one approves of. I've always managed to find a rotation of a few brands/flavors that they will eat, but they've...
  5. destinyz12

    Cats Watching The Kitten Bowl

    Did anyone elses cats enjoy watching the Kitten Bowl today as much as mine did??
  6. destinyz12

    Nutro Getting Rid Of Canned Food Flavors??

    I just ordered the Nutro Chunky loaf turkey a few weeks ago on Chewy, as ive done many times before, and suddenly its no longer even listed on their website today! The chunky loaf chicken is still there though. I hope that's not a sign that they're discounting their cans, as many of those...
  7. destinyz12

    Feliway Diffuser Safe Next To Food?

    Are the feliway calming diffusers safe to be plugged in next to the cats food? I have 2 cats and they eat, have the litter box, sometimes nap and sometimes play in one particular room of the house so I figure that area makes the most sense to have it plugged in, but the outlet is right next to...
  8. destinyz12

    Carb % In Nutro Cat Food

    I can't seem to find the carb % amount in any of the Nutro food that I feed my cats, both canned and dry- does anyone here have this info on hand? The current chart going around on the board that lists all of the different brands of canned food and their nutritional info is missing Nutro (and...
  9. destinyz12

    Rabies Vaccine Side Effects

    My 18 month old cat just had her rabies vaccine last night, and our vet didn't bother to warn us about any possible side effects afterwards. For the first few hours after, she was her usual hyper crazy self, and she ate her wet food dinner, but before I went to bed, she barely ate any of her...
  10. destinyz12

    Does Foxy Have Pica??

    My cat Foxy, who we've had since she was 10 weeks old, is now a year and a half old, but lately she's been eating certain things that she clearly shouldn't be- particularly plastic, cardboard, and most recently- found a balloon string and swallowed a big chunk of it! We try hard to keep stuff...
  11. destinyz12

    Picture Of The Month Contest?

    Is there going to be a picture of the month contest for September? Usually something is posted around the 15th.
  12. destinyz12

    New Brand Of Cat Food By Mars- Crave

    Soo I normally avoid cat food brands sold at the supermarket, but something new caught my eye- the brand Crave, by Mars (same company that makes Nutro and Sheba) and to my surprise the ingredients in the dry food were comparable to most of the "high end" grain-free brands I've seen in pet...
  13. destinyz12

    How Will Cats Digestive System React To Raw For First Time?

    I have never fed raw before, only canned and dry food to my cats, but I wanted to give them some freeze dried raw treats. Would it be common for them to have any digestive issues with the first time trying something raw? That's what I'm afraid of since they're not used to it.
  14. destinyz12

    All Canidae Wet Food Is Now Carrageenan, Grain And Potato-free!

    I am excited to finally try their wet food since having carrageenan in it is what was stopping me from buying it previously. I got an email from them that they now have a few different new lines of food out, all grain, carrageenan and potato free. They also discontinued their old line...
  15. destinyz12

    Puzzling Eating Behavior

    So 4 months ago I adopted a kitten (now 9 months old), and I also already had a young cat for a while before that (now 15 months old), and while the older cat made it clear that she was in charge from the start, they never had any issues eating side by side and always did just that for the first...
  16. destinyz12

    Anyone Else Have A Youtube/video Obsessed Cat??

    Foxy loves watching bird/rodent videos on Youtube, and naturally, taking over the computer "Give me all the birds!"
  17. destinyz12

    Hcm Testing

    My 12 month old cat's one year check up is coming up and we believe she is a Bengal mix, but with that said, I know Bengal cats are more prone to developing HCM than most other breeds so I am concerned, especially since I notice she breathes a little fast and has a slight wheeze sometimes after...
  18. destinyz12

    Cats In Boxes!

    I don't see any recent threads like this, pictures of your cats in boxes of all types! Foxy has a fascination with them.
  19. destinyz12

    Cat That Doesn't Make Vocal Sounds

    I brought home a 5 month old kitten 2 weeks ago, and I have noticed that he has never meowed or made any kind of vocal sounds so far. He does purr a lot, but that's it for sound. My resident cat is very vocal, the complete opposite. He's gone through quite a bit where most normal cats would...
  20. destinyz12

    How Many Feliway Diffusers Would Be Recommended?

    I just brought home a new kitten, a 6 month old male, and we have our resident cat, an 11 month old female. While there's been no actual aggression aside from resident cat hissing when approached too closely by the kitten, I can tell she's very unsettled and anxious about the new cat still...