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    UTI and Blockage - Advice for how to prevent in the future

    Hi, My male cat, Spartacus, age 5, had a blockage yesterday and is at the hospital until at least Saturday morning. It most likely was due to a UTI and swelling. They are going to analyze the bacteria in hopes we can figure out what caused it and where it came from. No crystals or stones. He...
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    Cat always wants to be in same room as baby

    My cat Spartacus always wants to be near my baby. He doesn’t touch my baby, just occasionally sniffs him. He gets so close while I breastfeed too. He will stay in the same room as the baby even if someone else is with my son. My son is 3months. any thoughts on Spartacus’s behavior?
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    How long can I leave frozen wet food out?

    I'm going to be away this weekend and still want my cats to be able to have wet food. (I will have a sitter drop by on Saturday to check, but I'll still need to leave some timed meals for them before I get back). If I freeze a can of wet food and then put it in a timed feeder that has an...
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    Cats beg a lot for their meals but I can't free feed. Advice?

    I have two cats: Spartacus and Gannicus. I feed them three meals a day. One in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one at bedtime. The vets say I'm feeding enough and they're both a good weight. But they BEG like crazy until I give in! Especially for their afternoon and dinner meals. I...
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    Fighting/growling spitting at neighbor cat through the windo

    This morning I was exercising and suddenly heard Gannicus (G) hissing and spitting and growling in window. His hair was standing extremely tall. I thought he was hurt and then saw a neighrbohood cat on the other side of the window and I think it was also howling back. This was extremely scary as...
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    To compost or not compost cat poo (your thoughts/opinions?)

    I have heard it is dangerous to compost poop of carnivores, but I also see on the internet that some people compost their cats' poops. What's the truth here? Can we or can we not throw the cat's poop outside/in a compost bin?
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    My cat ate a little plastic

    My cat ate a small piece of this plastic from a toy this morning, i think its silicone- slightly flexible. I called the vet but the doctors aren’t in yet. He is acting fine and I am wondering if I could just monitor him. Do you think he might just poop it out? Also, I didnt actually see him eat...
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    Can I Put A Collar On Someone Else’s Cat?

    Im not really sure where to post this. One of my neighbors has a little girl cat- a big kitten- that often comes to my porch. She’s skinny and dirty and doesn’t have a collar. I asked around and a woman called me to tell me Princessa (the cat) is hers. I didn’t ask anymore questions as im very...
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    Who To Watch Cats When On Vacation?

    I just wanted to run by my situation to you nice people here at thecatsite: My husband and I will be traveling for 2.5 weeks in August. There is a lovely cat sitter in town that we trust and who is great with the cats. We could use her, potentially but it will get pricey. The other option is...
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    Dry-heaving: Should I Watch Or Take To The Vet?

    Spartacus just threw up the tiniest bit of hair, and then about 5 minutes after that had two "dry heaves" and nothing was produced except for a little bit of liquid. It's been about 15 minutes since then and nothing has happened and he is being playful. The main reason I am concerned is that...
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    Cat Pees Standing: Litter Box Recommendations?

    Gannicus pees while standing up. I have been using the Nevermiss litterbox : NVR Miss Litterbox ... It was working great and I loved the horizontal entrance! I thought this would be the one; was good for over a year.. But Ugh! Lately, I am noticing some pee on the side of the box and then onto...
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    My Cat Is Scared Of The Piano

    Gannicus is terrified of the piano... even if I just press a few keys lightly. I think he got really spooked by the piano tuner this week and last, when he came to fix it up.. you know it's really creepy sounding too and G hates men with boxes and tools and with shoes on.... . Even before the...
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    Has Your Cat Growled During Play? Been Scared?

    Just now, I took our "da-bird" toy, it's new... and I was playing alone with Spartacus. He was pouncing, chasing, catching the feather. Everything was normal... but then.. One time, after he caught the feather and was trying to "carry it away," but he wouldn't drop it. I thought maybe he just...
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    Should I Stop Him Hiding In Kitchen Cabinets?

    Hi, it's me again... I've written a few different threads this week: We just moved to a new house, we've been here about 2 weeks now. We're buying a lot of new furniture and stuff so the environment unfortunately hasn't been able to stay exactly the same.... Gannicus is jumping into and...
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    Cat On My Porch, Meowing?

    So, I just moved to a new place. The first time in a house. Today, a furry tabby cat is sitting on the front porch. Gannicus and Spartacus are curious through the window but don't seem frightened or threatened by this cat. . . . I think maybe I saw this cat walking in the neighborhood a few...
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    Finding A Cat Sitter For Cat That Needs Meds?

    any advice on how to find a cat sitter for a cat who needs medicine twice a day? Gannicus needs his inhaler morn and night... we just moved to a new city and dont have friends or family here, also we havent been away from him very much yet but in the future we would like to travel for at least a...
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    He Bit Me For The First Time: What To Do?

    Gannicus bit me for the first time today while I was preparing his food for breakfast. It wasn't super aggressive but it still was a bite. It concerns me because I do not want this to become a new habit, I yelled when it happened which I believe we're not supposed to do.... but it shocked me and...
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    Does Anyone's Cat Meow At Them When They Cough Or Sneeze?

    My cat, Spartacus, is a very vocal kitty. Lately he has started to meowing "meaah ah ah" when I sneeze, cough, or clear my throat. It's very weird! Anyone else have a similar experience or know why he does this? I think he's just chatting back and wants attention, but it's so funny!
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    Your Thoughts On Uti And Diet?

    Spartacus was entering the litter box a lot this morning, looking like he wanted to pee, but then didn't: like 10 times he did this and only once was there a dribble. So, I called the vet and my husband and I took him in. The bladder was empty... so they wanted to keep him until it would get...
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    Cat Asthma: Have You Heard Inhalers Might Stop Working???

    Hello friends with cats that have asthma, Gannicus started using the inhaler in April. We recently moved and have a new vet. The vet was hesitant to approve the prescription for an inhaler for two reasons: 1) He felt uncomfortable with me ordering from Canada and not the U.S. 2) A pharmacist...