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    health anxiety

    This is a different type of post because its not about my cats current health. My cats are doing well, eating and going to the bathroom just fine but im the one thats having issues. So for some background info, I was going to adopt another kitten, she was rescued at just a few mins old and we...
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    Throw up

    Hello, So my five year old cat has been throwing up a lot recently. To give you a time frame, she has thrown up everyday since Thursday. At first it was like big chucks of food and what I imagine is hair. Today when she throw up it was just water. I started to give her some hairball control...
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    Trouble With Cone

    My 7th month old just got spayed Wednesday morning and everything has been going well until last night when she decided she no longer wanted to use her cone, she took it off twice. Both times I was able to put it right back on however when I left for work I told my brother to watch her. On my...
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    Cat In Heat?

    So I just got home from school, and my brother tells me that my little one who is seven months old has been crying all day. A little bit later I see that shes rubbing her back on our carpet. At first I thought maybe it was because she had fleas so I checked her fur and nothing and now I read...
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    My Kitten has gotten into the habit of climbing things. Which was fine at first because it was only on top of our doors but now she's getting on top of our fridge, our apartment dryer and TV's. Do any of you know why she has gotten into this habit?
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    Dental Treats

    Does anyone know any dental treats for kittens (under a year old)? my baby kittens breath smells really bad .. I thought it was because of her food but even when she doesn't eat it smells.
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    the AC in my apartment broke, it's said to reach 106 outside, in the house it was 84 degrees. I choose to leave the house and stay in a hotel, I'm very nervous because I'm bring my two girls with me. I don't want to leave them in the house when it would be so hot. I thought it would be better...
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    I got a new kitten about a month ago, and of course I knew my older cat might not like it. At first she would just watch the kitten all day and then soon after they would play and I had no trouble. But in the recent two weeks my older cat has been hissing and growling a lot at the little one. I...
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    Crying All Night

    My little girl has started to cry all night long. She never did it before, I have no idea what triggered this for her. I thought it might be the cause of her schedule changing, now that I am in university instead of normal public school my hours of class have change so I believe it might be...
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    Watery right eye

    My cat (whom is a year old) has had a watery right eye for the last couple of days. Its only her right eye, which makes me a bit nervous because i have read that it could mean that there is something wrong with her. I'm just wondering if it is something i should worry about? 
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    Cat food

    my cat is turning one in a week I know I'm suppose to switch her food soon but I'm not sure to which one, and I'm nervous she'll get sick from the switch. She eats wellness dry kitten food and she really likes it, she doesn't like the wet food and I would like to keep feeding her wellness.
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    My cat who will be a year in a week started shedding very badly a couple months ago and I bought a brush because I heard brushing fur would help the shedding but everytime I brush her fur she growls and something hisses at me or who ever is brushing her and I'm starting to get worried the brush...
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    Post Spay Surgrey

    My kitten puma, who is 8 months old has recently had her spay surgery (on the 4th of this month) the vet said I should take off her e-collar once her incision was flat, I checked last night and it was completely flat the only thing left was her skin glue so I took off her e-collar. Obviously she...
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    Unusual vomiting help please!!!!!

    My kitten is 7 months old and she just recently started to throw up. She usually throws up maybe once a couple months and the last three days she has thrown up every night the throw up was watery and today It had a little bit of her food in it I'm starting to get worried does anyone know what's...