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  1. Caspers Human

    Flea medicine - need some reassurance?

    According to your chart, there have 1,696,278 adverse reactions reported between the years 1996 and 2020. That's a span of 24 years. Still, the chart puts everything in one column. Why didn't they prioritize by years? Even so, if you take the average, it comes out to 70,678. Seventy thousand...
  2. Caspers Human

    Help! Overnight cat is suddenly not as hungry as usual

    Leave her food out for her, overnight, to see whether she's eating when you're not there. If the cat has recently had a major change in her environment, her eating habits might have changed. It will, likely, take a while for her to return to her old routine. However, if she doesn't eat for...
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    Can someone offer some suggestions for a strange request?

    If your "headrest" only needs to be twelve inches thick, you could make it out of blue, foam insulation panels. The stuff comes in sheets, 48" x 96" in thicknesses up to 2". You can cut it with a utility knife and it can be glued together with contact adhesive. Cut several layers in the shapes...
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    Can someone offer some suggestions for a strange request?

    Good idea! :) I thought that she said that she didn't want to do any assembling so I suggested a place that could do it for you but, yes, if you don't mind a little DIY, you could get it from a fabric store. JoAnn Fabrics might have it. :)
  5. Caspers Human

    Rescue cat, what type could he be?

    He's a tabby of the mackerel variety and his patches look like the holes in Swiss cheese. So that means he's a "Mac 'n' Cheese!" ;) ;) ;)
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    Can someone offer some suggestions for a strange request?

    What about a large block of foam rubber? There are a couple of companies in the town where I live which sell foam in large blocks like the size of a mattress. For a price, they can sell you a block of foam that is whatever size you need. They also have different types of foam, ranging from...
  7. Caspers Human

    Tiny kitten

    Cats can fall from amazing heights without getting hurt. The cat's ability to land on its feet during a fall is actually a reflex. It's called the "righting reflex" and they don't even think about it. It's hard-wired. A healthy, adult cat should be able to fall from a height of...
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    Diarrhea is one possible side effect of de-worming medications. Imagine a whole bunch of worms being dying off at once. They have to go somewhere, don't they? ;) If the diarrhea starts within 24 hours of taking the medication then it is safe to assume that it is a side effect of the pills...
  9. Caspers Human

    Anxiety issues relating to cat.

    Our cat, Casper, is a rescued cat that spent a year living outdoors. He's 100% indoor, now, and doesn't even try to go out very often. There was one time when I came downstairs and found the sliding screen door, leading to the patio open by about two feet. Casper was sitting right there, at...
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    High 5 training?

    I'm more familiar with teaching dogs to do tricks. I've done tricks with cats but it's usually more like patting my hand on my lap to come up for petting and "quality time." The process is the same. You break "the behavior" down into small steps, teach them one at a time then string them...
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    High 5 training?

    If you put the treat too high, she might not understand that you want her to go "up." Hold it a little lower and a little more in front until she learns to reach up to get it. Then when she knows that, raise it up so she needs to stretch up just a little bit. When she does that, move back until...
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    High 5 training?

    Hold the treat about three inches above the cat's head and just behind the ears and she'll have to sit up like a dog to get it. Once she's sitting up, move the treat toward you and to one side so that she has to use her paw to reach for it. Start by teaching the "sit-up." Then, when she's...
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    Foster Queen keeps trying to attack me, but I have to change her bedding

    I've always used an old-fashioned straw broom to fend off an attacking cat... the sweeping end, not the handle. Don't swat the cat. Use it as a shield to push the cat away. Done carefully, there's no risk of hurting the cat any greater than she would hurt herself in the act of attacking. Do...
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    Kitten Misbehaviour

    Okay but don't call me Shirley! ;) ;) ;)
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    My cat seems to love me during the night but ignores me during the day

    That means she thinks you're cool. A cat is most vulnerable when it sleeps and will, generally, pick places to sleep where it feels safe. If she's sleeping with you, that means your cat thinks of you as her protector. On the other hand, cats like to just go about their business when they are...
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    Kitten Misbehaviour

    Casper sometimes chews things when he wants my attention. If I'm sitting at the computer when he comes into the room but I don't pay attention to him, he'll go under the desk and start chewing and toying with wires and things. In cat lingo, that means, "You're paying too much attention to that...
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    Kitten Misbehaviour

    Kittens misbehave. That is what it is to be a kitten. A young kitten hasn't been taught what acceptable behaviors are, yet. It's up to you to teach them. This is all part of the game. Of course, we want them to stop doing the "bad" things but it is also important to show them what the...
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    Pink dot on cat neuter site??

    I can't tell about the "pink dot." Keep an eye on it. If it starts to show signs of infection, or other problems, do call the vet tout de suite. About the collar... If your cat isn't bothering his incision site, you don't have to keep it on, full time. The last time our cat, Casper, had a...
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    My cat is making strange chewing motions

    A dark tooth could be anything. It might be plaque. It could be stuck-on food or even some foreign substance lodged in the teeth or gums. You're also right that it could be a bad tooth. Then, again, it just might be the natural color of that tooth. It takes a vet to accurately diagnose and...
  20. Caspers Human

    My cat is making strange chewing motions

    Your cat is the spittin' image of our cat, Casper, except that your cat's a girl and ours is a boy. But for that, you'd have to look twice to tell the two apart! :D Anyhow, Casper did the same thing. Almost exactly like your cat does in your video. He did it especially after eating or using...