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  1. reba

    Cat Gagging Periodically, Not Throwing Up

    Hello. I've taken my cat to the vet, but I just am searching to see if anyone has seen anything similar. My cat has been gagging and either producing a small amount of bile or nothing at all. It's not a cough. I would put it similar to a hairball problem. He is eating and peeing and...
  2. reba

    Help! Cat just walked in and cant’ put any weight on paw.

    She hasn’t been outside at all. She plays pretty crazy with her chase toys. I noticed she was limping slightly earlier but now she can’t put any weight on it at all. I can put her in a playpen until the morning - the evet is full right now. Any opinons much appreciated.
  3. reba

    Cat in Heat?

    I took in a stray about a month ago now. Things are going fabulously and she's integrated into our home nicely. The problem is she won't shut-up and I can't decide if she's in heat. I mean at first it was understandable because I kept her segregated in a bedroom, but now she'll meow for 10...
  4. reba

    Just Caught Stray in Trap

    I just caught this cat I've been feeding for two months. Long story short, is there a way to tell if there's kittens somewhere??? I can't handle him/her yet. I don't see any sign of lactation, but then again I can't see her belly because she's medium haired. Tonight was a big surprise as...
  5. reba

    Questions About Trapping Stray

    Hi All. I have been feeding a stray for two months now. I would like to trap it, and I'm looking for advice in that regard, specifically I'm worried that it is a girl and might have kittens?I live in upstate NY. Does kitten season start this early? Would it be better to wait? It's long...
  6. reba

    Cat With Longer Coat on Half It’s Body - Ever Seen Such A Thing?

    There’s a cat hanging around with really long hair to just behind it’s shoulders to medium long on the back of it’s body. Is there such a thing as a cat coat with different lengths?
  7. reba

    Sudden Increase in Appetite

    Well I”m ending the year with 2 kitties after starting it with 4, it’s been a heck of a year. The two remaining I bottle fed from 1 day old. They had various stomach problems when they were very young. The one I’m writing about is an 8 year old female. She’s been on pred for vomiting and...
  8. reba

    Thoughts on At Home Verus Office Euthanasia

    I hade this posted on someone’s rainbow thread and realized it was inappropriate - those are for support and condolences. But I put my beloved cat to sleep today and was over here in the crossing thread. I came across a euth at home gone wrong story and it triggered what happened to my my...
  9. reba

    Medicating Your Cat: Remembering That You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

    Vet put the cat on steriods today after 5 days on the pain med onsior. My cat is dying of Feline Oral SCC. At the end of the email she cautioned to not start the steroids until 24 hours after the onsior. A few hours later I found a few other onsior tablets she had prescribed for another cat...
  10. reba

    Oral Cancer, Bad Breath, Regrets

    I took in a stray about 8 years ago. He’s always had bad breath. I asked about it at the vets and they did recommend a cleaning, but said his teeth didn’t look too bad. So I researched it and I don’t remember seeing anything about bad breath and oral.cancer, until now of course, when the vet...
  11. reba

    I just lost my beloved cat….

    It’s 2AM I just got home from putting my cat to sleep. He started blocking about 3 years ago. After 3 blocks I had him have pu surgery in November 2019. He was good for about a year and then had a few UTI’s. We got those cleared up, but tonight he wouldn’t let me touch him, which is what...
  12. reba

    May have swallowed a chicken bone.

    I was eating a chicken thigh and set the bowl on the couch when I ran downstairs to check on two of my other cats who were fighting. I hear this gagging sound and I realize the other cat must’ve gone for the chicken. I can’t tell if he ate a chicken bone or not. Has anyone had this happen? I...
  13. reba

    UTI After PU Surgery

    Hi All. My cat hat PU surgery and we went a year without any problems. Then just over a a month ago he got a UTI and had bloody urine. 10 Days of Clavamox and he was better. Just today I noticed blood in his urine again and went to get more antibiotics. I’m worried because he’s gone less...
  14. reba

    Website Design

    I don’t know where to post this, but after trying to navigate a facebook group it became even more apparent how well the Cat Site is designed. Kudos to Anne and the IT staff.
  15. reba

    blocked third time need opinion asap

    hi here at e vet for third time in 6 months. Need opinions on prognosis ASAP. Thanks so mich
  16. reba

    Blocked Again!!!!

    A month ago (almost to the day) my cat had his first urinary blockage. When I got home tonight and I went to pet him he hissed at me and kept backing away. He ran under the bed but then came out and ate his full dinner. I managed to pick him and put him in his playpen (still up from the last...
  17. reba

    Teeth Grinding

    I noticed my cat has been grinding her teeth, today it was especially loud. She has IBD and has had diarrhea that is difficult to control. She eats like a horse, I feed her more than her 15lb brothers and she has put on a little weight finally. Then a few weeks ago I felt her chin and her fur...
  18. reba

    Blocked Cat Aftercare

    we’re home after 3 days in the hospital for a urinary blockage. He peed but he’s very very drippy - does anyone know if this is normal?
  19. reba

    Cat Can't Pee Blockage Signs - Get Insurance Early!!!

    Hi, I just got back from the E-Vet because my cat has is blocked urinary tract. Thank god yesterday I was home all day and I noticed he was cleaning his genitals more than normal. Because of that I followed him to the litter box this morning. He climbed in the litter box and it LOOKED like...
  20. reba


    I just picked up my cat and her fur under her chin is - well I wouldn’t say it’s matted - but it’s as though she got it wet with something sticky and it dried. She doesn’t go outside and I cannot find anything she would have gotten into. Any ideas?