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  1. rlynnrob

    rehomed a kitten

    I am new to this group . I just re homed a 8 wk old kitten was named isabella , she is now named Arwin . My sons girlfriends friend adopted her . Im a emotional mess . You could say i grew attatched to her and i had to rehome her ive been crying on & off . Am i the only one ??
  2. rlynnrob

    my beloved Fiona

    My Beloved Fiona has passed away December 19th 2015 , She had passed away from cancer i am still trying to get over her death i loved that kitty she was my best friend , my lap cat , my angel i could tell her anything and she would listen to me i will never forget this beautiful kitty who...
  3. rlynnrob

    New Kitty

    Hi i would like to introduce My new addition to the family her name is Paris she is 2 yrs old she was in a shelter for 2 yrs before i adopted her i have had her about 1 month today she is still trying to get used to my house & the dog we have she loves to play with her catnip rattle and will...
  4. rlynnrob

    Fiona is ill/fluid in her lungs

    Hi I'm Rhonda I am new here I have a female tabby cat named Fiona I have had her about 11 yrs maybe longer just recently she started breathing heavy & loosing weight she refused to eat her solid cat food , she breaths thru her mouth at night and does a lot of sleeping mainly on my lap I cant...