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    Is Kitten Food Really The Best Choice?

    I don't buy into the whole "life stage" foods. I've never fed puppy or kitten food and nobody ever died, didn't grow properly or had any other issues from being fed "adult" or all life stage foods. I mean seriously, do mice come with labels across their heads that say "kitten food" on them? My...
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    What do we think of Instinct Ultimate Protein?

    23% carbs and uses whey for added protein. Once that chicken is cooked, the tapioca and flaxseed becomes the primary ingredients. Chicken meal is better because it's weighed AFTER the water is removed so it's more likely to be the true first ingredient. Chicken alone is roughly 60% water and...
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    Cat barely eating.

    Raw is worth a shot! Aside from baby food, you could also get some Nutrical which is a high calorie, vitamin and mineral supplement. It comes in a tube and comes out like a paste/gel. I have to keep it hidden because two of my cats will literally chew through and eat the tube!!! Both of them...
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    Science Diet

    I agree on upping the wet. I had a cat show up last September who never left. She was rather chunky and I was feeding her kibble because it was cheap and what I feed all the strays/ferals. When I moved and decided to bring her with me and make her an indoor only cat, she was switched to the same...
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    Flax seed.

    I'd go for fish oil (Capsules, not the pump stuff because it goes rancid really fast. I use the human stuff.) and probably a good joint supplement. Assuming you're feeding a good diet and kitty is eating well, there shouldn't be a need for added vitamins. Fish oil and a joint supplement would...
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    Flax seed.

    I'd opt for fish oil over flaxseed for kitties since they can't process ALA (O3's in FS) into DHA/EPA which is the type of O3 in fish oils. I squirt 1000mg over my cats food now and again. If fed on the regular, you should supplement vitamin E too since fish oil needs E to process in the body...
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    Post Declawing

    My Oliver will be 6 in April and his previous owners had him declawed and neutered at 8 weeks old. (Along with his sister) He's a happy, healthy and overly loveable boy. His only litterbox issue (and part of the reason he was rehomed) is he will poop outside of the box sometimes and twice has...
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    Picture of the Month: Feline Love Shots!

    This was soooo hard to pick (because I have so many super cute snuggle pics!!) but this is probably the cutest. I found Oliver (Orange kitty) and Pinball (Tabby & White) snuggled in the closet one day and snapped this pic! :)
  9. Picture of the Month: Feline Love Shots!

    Picture of the Month: Feline Love Shots!

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    How to get kitten to eat more?

    I too suggest trying some wet food. Adding some wet to their diet is good for their health anyways, adds extra fluids. Have they been spayed and neutered yet? My girl Sally has always been a petite lady with a nibble here and there attitude towards food. She got spayed at 4 months old and when...
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    Fat or Mold???

    I just went to feed the cats and opened a can of Friskies 'Saucesations Beef with Creamy Sauce'. I noticed there was some white stuff on top but I'm not sure if it's mold or fat? (Which I know beef foods in particular can be prone to white fatty bits on top) I've only started feeding these in...
  13. Fat or Mold???

    Fat or Mold???

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    Are vegetables in cat food that horrible?

    Do they need them? No. But I don't think they'll do much damage either. You're feeding canned and that alone has plenty of health benefits for kitty. While I personally try to stay fruit, veggie and grain free on my canned foods, it wouldn't matter in the end if my cats didn't actually eat it...
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    Getting a 8 week old kitten to eat hard food

    All mine are fixed and just as sweet as they were prior to it. Actually I take that back, Sally is WAY more sweet since being spayed. She was a little hellion before that. Cats can go through silent heats just like dogs can only they come into heat more often. After 4 months (16 weeks) I...
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    Grain Free Cat Food (that's not crazy expensive.)

    I agree with Pinkdagger's suggestions, along with Sheba! Friskies pates aren't "grain free" (They do have rice) but they're a good, cheap choice too and personally I don't see rice as any worse for a cat than potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, ect which are in a lot of the more expensive...
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    Getting a 8 week old kitten to eat hard food

    Curious why you don't want her fixed? Is Sheamus fixed?
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    What can I do to get a cat we just adopted to eat?

    I'd try Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers or Fancy Feast Tender Turkey. (Kitten formula but it's pretty addictive to the cats I've used it on!) Or maybe try mixing the FF broths that you know she likes with some other food?