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  1. vball91

    Swollen eye

    Sorry to hear that Jake has been so sick lately. Sounds like you have been giving him great care though. He's a lucky cat. As for the eye, if it does not seem substantially better when you get home, I would at least be on the phone with your vet describing the situation and maybe even taking a...
  2. vball91

    Need advice

    Here are some articles and good threads on this topic. Hope they help.
  3. vball91

    more on B12 and GI disease control

    That's great to hear that the B12 is helping Obi. Thanks for sharing. I think that epitomizes the helpful spirit of this community - sharing what works and doesn't work for our loved one. 
  4. vball91

    Vitamins for Lisa Pierson's Raw Food Diet

    Before you get rid of them, I would try making a bath with everything except the fish oil. Some cats do not seem to like the smell/taste of fish oil. If that is the case, you can look into alternatives.
  5. vball91

    raw food-CountryPet Naturals lamb & chicken frozen raw

    I have not heard of this brand. It looks like a fairly new New Zealand brand, but the ingredients look good. I would be interested to know the percentage of bone and the percentage of organ. Chicken, lamb, lamb liver, lamb lungs, lamb heart, chicken heart, ground lamb bone, ground chicken bone...
  6. vball91

    It has been a struggle to get my cats to eat wet food but .....

    Hooray! That is great news. Keep up the good work. Way to go kitties!
  7. vball91

    Raw Food in Alaska

    I'm not sure we have any other raw feeders from Alaska. If you can't source fresh raw organs, one option for you may be to use freeze-dried raw organs instead. There's some discussion about that in these threads...
  8. vball91

    Nature's Receipe Dry Salmon & Potato

    I am not feeding this, but if you're asking about how good a dry food it is, like most dry foods, it is way too high in carbs for me. While it's grain free, it still has a lot of potatoes and peas. I'm also not a huge fan of fish being fed daily. If you're looking for suggestions for good dry...
  9. vball91

    Natural Remedies for seasonal allergies?

    There's a good discussion on this thread about using salmon/krill oil for omega 3 benefits. There are some brands listed as well as dosages that other people are using. As for the others, I do not know of other people using them consistently so...
  10. vball91

    7mth old weighing 600g, need nutrition advice

    This stickied thread should provide you with the info you're looking for. It provides names and sites of the premixes you're looking for in addition to some threads about using them. Hope that helps you. Many vibes for your...
  11. vball91

    fasting cat for vet appt

    Aww, poor baby. It's always hard to fast animals since you can't explain why they can't eat. I'm surprised the vet appointment was not first thing in the morning which is the usual case when fasting is involved. Lots of  for Minnie.
  12. vball91

    Feline Herpes, Health recovery, panting, and future cat.

    In regards to feline herpes, this thread (which is a long one) has everything you want to know (and more) about herpes and treating it. Reading your story, it seems that your kitty did not come...
  13. vball91

    Transitioning two picky cats to raw

    Hi and welcome to TCS. Can't wait to hear of your progress during the transition.
  14. vball91

    Yet another IBD question...about behavior.

    I think this behavior is pretty common with IBD cats. IBD is usually very cyclical. Sometimes they have good days and sometimes they don't. I don't the hiding is definitely a sign of not feeling well. You may want to keep a journal and see if you can find any patterns.
  15. vball91

    Supplementing with raw?

    As long as the raw food is less than 15% of their total diet, you can supplement with any raw meat you think they will like. If you want the raw to be more than 15%, then you need a complete and balanced food. The easiest thing would be a commercial raw food. You can learn to balance it...
  16. vball91

    How much should I feed my cat?

    Most indoor neutered adult cats of average activity level need about 15-20 calories per pound of ideal body weight daily. It would be good to know your cat's exact weight (as well as the ideal weight if different) so that you can monitor for unwanted weight loss or gain.
  17. vball91

    Neutering solves soo many problems.

    Totally agree with you. One of the many reasons why TCS is very strongly pro neuter and spay. It does seem to be a more common misconception that cats are disposable but dogs are not. So wrong on so many levels!
  18. vball91

    Rescue cat, no teeth, how much to feed her.

    If she's that underweight, I would feed her as much as she wants until she reaches a healthy weight. Generally kitten wet food is higher in fat and calories which is what she needs. Bless you for rescuing her!
  19. vball91

    Fat cat

    That's certainly one option, although you would be guessing at how much she has eaten of the kitten's food. Another solution I have heard of is to put the food someplace only the kitten can access, either by using a door that's too small for the other cat or by using a door controlled by a...
  20. vball91

    Excessive Litter box use

    How did the vet determine that it was a behavioral problem? Was an urinalysis done? Even without any abnormal findings from the urinalysis, some cats may be prone to idiopathic cystitis. Frequent urination is one of the most common symptoms. Here's a good article on it...