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  1. ct970

    Moving 10 1/2 hours with 2 kitties

    Going to preface this by saying that any thoughts, advice, tips, etc. are greatly appreciated. I am anxious over this and just want to do the right thing. At the end of February my bf and I are relocating from TN to FL. It is a 10 1/2 hour drive with no stops (so in reality about 11 1/2-12...
  2. ct970

    Chronic Intermittent Diarrhea 6 month old

    Hello! I have a six month old kitten that has had chronic intermittent loose stools for about 2 1/2 months now. I got her and her sister at the end of December and both had diarrhea ( soft-serve like stool). They both went to the vet and got put on metronidazole and fortiflora for a week. The...
  3. ct970

    Meet my new kittens!

    Hey everyone. After my sweet Loki passed with FIP I have decided, after a thorough cleaning/disinfecting and waiting period, to rescue two 4-month old tortoiseshell short hair kittens, Mocha and Moon. They were previously in a foster home where they received lots of love until they were able to...
  4. ct970

    Two kittens with diarrhea

    We rescued two kittens on the 27th of December they are about 4 1/2 months old now. When the foster dropped them off at my house, she mentioned that they had been having diarrhea at her place for probably around 2 weeks. They were examined by a vet, and couldn't find anything wrong with them...
  5. ct970

    Does this cat have any Maine Coon in him?

    My mom has a shelter cat about 7 years old, rescued him at 4 years old. He is obviously an orange tabby cat, but several people have mentioned that he might have some Maine coon in him, possibly a mix? Does anyone else think the same thing, or does he look more like a standard domestic...
  6. ct970

    Potentially adopting a panleukopenia survivor

    Hey everyone! Some of you may know I recently lost my kitten to FIP. We had time to spend with him in the end and process his condition, which I think ultimately helped in my grieving for him. It feels very lonely/empty in the house, but I did a proper deep sanitizing/disinfecting of the entire...
  7. ct970

    What do after FIP cat passes?

    I'm not quite sure what forum this falls under, so please move it if need be. We lost our sweet 5 1/2 month old kitten today after a 3 month battle with FIP. While I am peace that he is no longer suffering and is not in pain, I am already starting to think about getting another (probably a pair)...
  8. ct970

    Lost my FIP Kitten

    Lost my sweet boy Loki today at 5 1/2 months old. June 2020 - December 9th 2020. We got him back in September from a local shelter and it was obvious after a few days that he was ill. Took him to the vet and they said that shelter kittens can have things wrong with them that are simple but...
  9. ct970

    Should I get another kitten for my current kitten?

    Hi. I'm just here to get some general opinions on what I should do. I got an 11 week old kitten with my boyfriend 5 weeks ago from the local shelter, he is now 4 months old. When we got him, he was underweight and suffering with coccidia and wasn't doing very well and was really bad off to the...
  10. ct970

    Realized I never introduced my kitten!

    Hi, I've made a few posts concerning my kitten but have never fully introduced him. I got him 5 weeks ago on September 9th. He was 11 weeks old at the time. He is now almost 16 weeks (4 months). His name is Loki! When we got him, he hit a bit of a rough patch (coccidia, fever/vomiting/diarrhea...
  11. ct970

    What Color are my Kitten's Eyes?

    Was just curious to see what other people thought , I cannot seem to come to a consensus on what his eye color is?
  12. ct970

    11 Week Old Kitten is Sick with a Virus -- but unsure of which one??

    Hello! I recently adopted a kitten from a local animal shelter and he is 11 weeks old. While in the shelter, he seemed perky, playful, and followed us around for attention. Unfortunately he was in an enclosure with about 10 other cats (I should have done my research better, I know..), and...