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    Purina re-formulating some of their RX cat food

    Got an email from Purina that they've reformulated their Pro Plan® Veterinary Diets UR Urinary St/Ox Feline Dry which is what my cat eats. Changes include slight flavoring due to the addition of tuna to the product and a reduction in calories by about 1/3 per oz (3149 kcal/kg to be specific)...
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    affection eating tips

    I'm looking for tips to help break my cat's need for me to be near her and petting her and cheering her on when she eats. The only catch is it needs to work with free feedings. If there's one thing I learned from the past six months and all the diets we tried she does not like scheduled meals...
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    uti/constipation/litterbox - quick tip

    Passing on a quick tip to help cat guardians diagnose a uti, constipation, or other litterbox issues that a tech at my vet's office suggested: get a wifi motion activated security camera to monitor the litter box. Prices can very but $30-$50 can get you a camera and SD-Card. Features I would...
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    I don't think I can care for my 10 year old girl anymore

    Not sure if this is the right forum for this topic. I'm writing this because my tank is nearly empty and I'm just at a loss for what to do. For the past twelve years I had two cats: a boy Muggs, and a girl Missy. They were pretty much my life and gave me so much joy and happiness. In Sept of...
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    lactulose in wet food and side effects

    My 10 year old girl Missy has had constipation issues in the past mostly due to dehydration. Vet has her on 1ml of lactulose twice a day. She's going mostly every day and her stools are so much better in terms of size and texture. I can't give Missy medicine. I've tried all the methods, they...
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    Meal Time problems: refusing what is offered, wanting to eat in different spots, and medicine

    I love my 10 year old girl cat but I'm at my wits end with meal times and could some advice to make this situation easier for both of us. I've basically spent the first four months of 2022 recovering from meal changes related to the passing of our other cat and trying to get my girl cat back...