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    Stella & Chewy Wet Pate Food - Does this sound healthy?

    I've never purchased from this company. Do they appear to be ethical and safe food? This was accidentally delivered as a substitute on my delivery order for other food: Marvelous Morsels Chicken & Salmon wet food. FULL INGREDIENT LIST Chicken, chicken bone broth, chicken liver, chicken heart...
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    Is an occasional small amount of goats milk okay for an adult cat?

    I don’t know why but my cat seems to love it. It’s been a long winter already and I have anxiety, so some days I feel jumpy and I feel like he knows that. He’s a lot happier (or that’s my perception) when I’m calmer. I do give him lots of attention but would like to give him a bit of something...
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    Possibly inner ear irritated, slight abrasion on back and in front of ear, scratching

    Pi is about 6 years old. I noticed twice today he was scratching his one ear, and kind of putting his claws to the inner part as if that was irritated. There is a small slight area on the back of his ear that is slightly abraised, an abrasion, like if you VERY slightly skinned your knee or...