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  1. terricacatwood

    Stray? Advice

    cdibs your post brightened my night. There’s nothing I love more than seeing someone who’s “not a cat person” fall in love with a cat. And thank you so much for being there for this cat and wanting to take him in! He’s adorable and very unique - I’ve never seen a cat with his markings before...
  2. terricacatwood

    Broken front leg

    Hi. Thank you for wanting to help this injured cat. Is there a local humane society or no-kill animal shelter in your area that you could contact to see if they would take the cat in? I’m also concerned that attempting to catch a cat with a net could be difficult and stressful, for both you and...
  3. terricacatwood

    Very skittish semi feral, would appreciate any tips!

    Inaba Churu - Cat Treats (4-Pack) Thank you so much for helping this cat! Have you tried Churu treats or any other particularly enticing treats? What I like about Churu is that since it’s like a push-up pop you can hold the package out at a distance from your body so they can enjoy the treat...
  4. terricacatwood

    Pregnant feral hit by car

    I’m so sorry to hear of this devastating loss. Our ferals touch us in an extra special way and I know how painful it is to lose one. I too hate how hard the world is for ferals. Hang in there. ♥️
  5. terricacatwood

    Help with advice on transporting two outdoor feral cats pets who won't go into cat traps

    I assume you’ve tried putting very stink food like salmon, tuna or sardines in the trap? For me even that wouldn’t work with my feral. A drop trap was the only way I was able to capture my difficult to trap ferals who would not go into live traps. Do you have access to a drop trap, or the...
  6. terricacatwood we take our stray friend?

    I vote to take him. I wonder about this scenario myself as I’m in a similar situation with my feral cats (who sound much more feral than Meatwad) and have been stressing out over how to transition them when I move in the next few years (hopefully they’ll be more tame when the time comes). It...
  7. terricacatwood

    Advice needed on making my semi feral girl more comfortable

    It sounds like you’ve made excellent progress already! Have you tried feeding her Churu sticks as treats? Inaba Churu - Cat Treats (4-Pack) I made good progress with an unsocialized cat who wouldn’t let me touch him - I was able to get him to eat the Churu treats from my hand - it’s sort of...
  8. terricacatwood

    Took in a feral mom and her babies (around 10 weeks old), but mom is over them

    They’re so cute! Congrats on getting them - I know how stressful it is trying to catch unsocialized cats. It will be so much easier to work with them in the bathroom.
  9. terricacatwood

    Plz help found stray cat hurt

    Thank you so much for putting in all this effort for him. I’ve fostered a kitten who had a leg that was amputated right before I got her, and also had a long term resident cat who had his leg and tail amputated as a kitten due to an injury (I did not have him as a kitten though). The tripod...
  10. terricacatwood

    feral in the house

    I’ve only ever brought ferals in from the outside after they were injured and in both instances was able to socialize them. One of them, Ernie, had spent the first 19 years of his life outside and seemed completely feral, even hissing at me often when I would put out his food in the morning. I...
  11. terricacatwood

    Plz help found stray cat hurt

    Thank you for caring for this guy. Is there a Humane Society or no-kill shelter near you that you could contact to see if you could surrender him to? You can verify when you speak with them what kind of vet care they will provide to surrendered animals and what there euthanasia policy is for...
  12. terricacatwood

    Took in a feral mom and her babies (around 10 weeks old), but mom is over them

    Hello. Thank you for taking in these cats. I’m not an expert, but I’ve seen people attempting to socialize feral kittens by putting them in a very large kennel (big enough for them to play, eat and use a litter box). I have a friend doing this right now with kittens from a large feral colony and...
  13. terricacatwood

    Outdoor to Indoor litter box ideas

    Hello, This is my first post here. I too am in a similar situation to you, which made me think maybe your cat didn't realize the pellets that you put out for her previously were litter? It sounds like you could start out with clay litter, or dirt or something more similar to dirt, and if you...