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    Squamous Cell Carcinoma and Radiation/Palladia

    I don't have anything to offer other than support from a distance. My boy was diagnosed with oral squamous cell carcinoma October 2021 and it was deemed terminal by multiple specialists. It's tough. I wish you the best with the time you and Holly have left. My only advice is to photo and...
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    affection eating tips

    We've had a bit more progress. Since she started eating only dry food her weight was in a bit of a free fall until it stabilized last week right within her historically weight range. The amount she is eating per day and when she is eating has become more stable too. She's less of a grazer and...
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    Cat strains so hard she pukes

    My girl had constipation issues a few months ago and at one point was on laxatone, lactulose, and benefiber. This was when she was on a 50-50 diet (by calories) of wet food (normal) and RX dry food (for UR). She wasn't on the benefiber for long b/c that made things worse for us...her stools...
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    Going on Vacation - What Would You Do?

    I've done both. If I had to do it now I would board my pet. I couldn't trust anyone I know to properly feed my cat or clean the litter box so if the routine is going to be disrupted I'd rather the cat be at a place where she has monitoring vs someone coming over once a day.
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    Finding small dried poop

    They certainly could be just things stuck to her fur that drops as the cat is going about her day, especially if she has longer fur. A puke every now and then wouldn't concern me very much...hairballs do happen, especially on longer fur cats. Have you seen her go poop and/or pee lately? Is...
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    affection eating tips

    Very interesting suggestions! Thank you.
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    Cat not drinking nearly enough

    You might also try a fountain as someone else suggested. Fountains are great b/c they create a bit of noise and movement so the cat is more enticed to drink than from still water. My cat is drinking way more since I got fountains for her and I can tell that she really enjoys it b/c she'll...
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    Royal Canin Gastrointestinal Food Has Changed Formula's

    Man, I got word a few days ago Purina was re-formulating things too. Hills's website says they are re-formulating things too. Seems like everyone is changing things up. Going to be a lot of upset kitty's and kitty guardians for the next six months or so as we deal with these transitions.
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    affection eating tips

    Bit of an update: still struggling but there is slight progress. Due to fireworks I didn't feel it was safe to start this earnestly until this week when they finally stopped and I felt ok to de-attach more and more. (She's skittish). I'm mostly focusing on me not "re-starting" her when she...
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    Decided to put my cats on a feeding routine. Can you check my schedule for me?

    if you're wanting to monitor how much they eat you might be better off using weight (ounces, grams) and a kitchen scale. It's more precise as scoops can vary based on how the food is packed in the scoop, My girl cat gains weight at 1.9oz of her food but loses weight at 1.7oz. That's like 20...
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    Decided to put my cats on a feeding routine. Can you check my schedule for me?

    When they talk about ounces...remember there's dry and wet and they're not interchangeable. I believe they're talking about dry ounces when referring to calories per ounce but I can't remember. The metric units end up being easier to use bc there's no guessing is it's dry or wet units.
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    Decided to put my cats on a feeding routine. Can you check my schedule for me?

    Also consider a kitchen scale to weigh things to figure out how many calories you're actually giving.
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    15 year old kitty has cancer

    I'm so sorry you're going through this. I went through cancer and death with my first pet as an adult last year. My beloved boy was diagnosed with terminal cancer last October by the best vets in the state. I did get a second opinion just in case and they agreed with the original diagnosis...
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    Purina re-formulating some of their RX cat food

    Glad to help. Yall have been so great to me.
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    affection eating tips

    Yeah, I've spoken to the vet about this behavior. And yes, me going somewhere was one of the driving reasons to work on de-attaching me from the eating process. As much as I like my house I would like to leave it :D We're in-sync that this habit needs to get's not sustainable nor...
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    Purina re-formulating some of their RX cat food

    Got an email from Purina that they've reformulated their Pro Plan® Veterinary Diets UR Urinary St/Ox Feline Dry which is what my cat eats. Changes include slight flavoring due to the addition of tuna to the product and a reduction in calories by about 1/3 per oz (3149 kcal/kg to be specific)...
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    We're on poop watch over here

    This is the one I have. You'll need to get a micro-sdcard like this. What's nice about it is it has configurable motion activation, push and email alerts, and you can add a micro sdcard and it'll record to it. I got one of the litterbox and 1 on the food bowl. Works pretty well.
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    affection eating tips

    As I work through this, it seems reasonable and responsible that I should monitor the cat in some manner. Perhaps weekly weigh-ins? Perhaps weighing the bowl in the AM and PM to get an idea on how much she is actually eating vs what is offered? I ask this b/c she's not very food motivated...
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    Free feeding kitten to mealtimes

    One thing to consider is exposing the kitten to a variety of brands, textures, and flavors when you do reintroduce wet food. I've read, and others can correct me, this can help prevent pickiness later in life. And with covid supply chains...having more options on what your cat will eat is...
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    Still straining to urinate in the evenings 2 months after blockage

    Might consider getting a wifi motion activated security camera to monitor the litter box. It helped me with my girl's UTI and constipation issues. I had a boy cat who also had blockage problems and a camera like this would have given me a lot of peace of mind b/c it was always a roll of the...