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  1. Catwoman1985

    Does your cat smell like poo here is some info

    Hello parents of kitties!! I am here to share a little insight of stinky kitties! Couple days ago I took my 3 month old kitten to the vet because he smelled like poop constantly. And I’m talking about a heck of a smell. Like to describe it, it straight up smelled like he was carrying a pile of...
  2. Catwoman1985

    My 3 1/2 month old kitten has lumps

    Hi I recently adopted a kitten from a place called cat haven where I live his name is sunny well he was 2 months when I got him I did notice his fur felt a little dry figured it was due to him being treated for fleas or what ever stuff they used or maybe his diet so after I got him use to our...