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    CKD diagnosis - what to expect

    Did you vet give her subcutaneous fluids? It is done via IV. I had 2 kidney disease cats that I gave the fluids myself. I have another that hasnt gotten to that point yet. I would give it a little time for her to perk up. My cats did better on the fluids and with their CKD diet.
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    Age of bengal kitten question

    Thank you so much. This vet sees cats only so lol. I almost named my baby Goldie.
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    Eye Herpes Infection

    Hi, I had two cats with this virus. No eye drops were recommended by my vet in CA. I dont even know if I could do it. My 3.5 year old Ralphie had an ulcer on his eye and I had to give him 3 different drops 4 times a day and it was not fun for him or I. (one really stung) Personally I would do...
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    Coping with grief cat death

    oh my gosh please try not to feel guilty. I know it is hard. You are helping her by ending her suffering and pain. This is a selfless act on your part. I lost my cat Monkey 7 weeks ago and I tried to relax so I wouldnt stress him out. I drank alot of water so I wouldnt cry and upset him at the...
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    Thank you, everyone.

    I would like to offer my condolences on the loss of your baby and to let you know I think you did the right thing by Cody. I get what you are going through as I lost my Monkey 7 weeks ago. He was my favorite as well. Please take time for self-care and remember you gave Cody a fabulous life and...
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    Age of bengal kitten question

    Hi everyone, Im sorry if this is not the appropriate place to ask this question. I took my new bangal kitten to the vet at almost 13 weeks old. We had just gotten Merry Kit Cat the week prior. Anyway, I love my breeder and I'm 100% sure she knows when her Queen had her kittens. There were...
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    At my wits ends, cat eating issues

    I know this is a super late reply but my rescue oriental shorthair, Hootie had 0 teeth and he was fine. So don't worry too much.