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    Cat behaving different after vaccine

    My kittens both got shots for rabies, felv and distemper the other day. I know that it is normal to be tired and have less appetite afterwards but one of my kittens is acting very different. He was always super chill and relaxed when I pick him up and never minded being picked up at all. You...
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    Fostering cats and dogs with cats

    My old cat of 17 years and dog of 16 years recently passed away. I decided to adopt two kittens who are 12 and 15 weeks and they are settling in nicely. I wanted cats that would bond with each other and I am more of a cat person and they are easier then dogs especially late in life when they get...
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    Another hair post.

    So this is my second kitten and once again it is really hard to tell if the fur type will be long or short. It seems sort of in betweenish again. He has longish wispy hairs growing in and his ears seem a bit tufty but it is hard to tell. His fur color is interesting. In some lights it looks...
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    Introducing kittens

    My plan was to get two kittens the same age at the same time from a rescue that uses foster homes. I picked out two kittens that are now 3 months. One of the kittens ended up sick and was having trouble holding his weight so we had to hold off on bringing them home. That kitten had diarrhea and...
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    Is my kitten a medium hair or a short hair?

    I don’t know what kind of fur my 12 week kitten will have. I am not sure if it will be short, medium or long. It seems longer then a short hair but not as long as other cats. His fur is really soft and fluffy and does have some long hairs coming out if it. His tail is pretty fluffy and he does...