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    3 week.old kitten

    Hi guys. So 3 weeks old kitten finally pooped after a week. Now, I been noticing she's biting the nipple. She will be 4 weeks in 3 days. Some people say she may be ready for weaning from formula to wet food. I'm nervous because its already taken her so long to poop on the formula and I don't...
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    3 week.old kitten

    It was the moms first litter. I think she just got tired and didn't want to do it anymore. She doing great in the beginning. Now, her kittens are being taken care and I'm glad I found this site for help. Thank you.
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    3 week.old kitten

    Thank you. I've read the article and I been trying to stimulate her. Since its not working I will try everything else. I just wasn't sure if it was normal going from moms milk to kmr but now I know. Thanks for the help.
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    3 week.old kitten

    I took in a 3 week.old kitten. She was nursing from mom until mom stopped feeding her. I been giving her kmr since yesterday (6-28-21) She hasn't pooped yet. Should I be worried and is there anything I can do?
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    When do kittens leave the nest

    Mama cat had her babies in a dresser drawer. The kittens are 2 weeks old now. They are very active and I feel like the dresser is too small for them. When can I move the kittens to a bigger space, or at least take them out to explore and excersise a little? And what kind of space should it be...
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    Pregnant cat attacking male cat

    We took in a pregnant cat. Its been 3 days and she's adjusting well. She comes out from hiding she interacts with people. But she has been attacking my male cat. Now, he doesn't bother her. He doesnt even go near her. In fact , he runs from her. Why would she attack him and is it normal? Also...