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    Kitten spay incision check - pulled stitch?

    Hello all. My girl Nyx (and her little sister Luna) were spayed on Monday, it's now Thursday. The vet set their recovery time at 14 days. They've both been in separate dog crates, wearing cones. They come out a few times a day, and Nyx has been guilty of jumping up on the crate, etc. at least...
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    Right strategy for spay recovery?

    Hello all, nervous cat momma here. I want to ask you all if I'm taking a good approach to a recovery environment for my spayed kittens. Background: I've just had my two kittens (estimated to be almost 5 and 4.5 months old) laser spayed today, and gotten them back from the vet a couple of hours...
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    Kittens won't eat dry food

    Hello all! I adopted a pair of kittens, 3 and 4 months old respectively, just about a week ago. They've adjusted really well so far and do all of the things (toileting, playing, sleeping, etc.) as they should. They're also eating well too, but won't touch their dry food. I'm using the same...
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    Starting over while still grieving (and anxious)

    Hello all. Longtime lurker, first time posting. I hope this is landing in the right forum spot. Ultimately, I'm posting to ask a question about how to know the "right" time to get a new cat(s) after losing one? I thought I did, and now I'm not sure... The longer version: I lost my only cat...