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    My cat threw up then was running around erratically and foaming at the mouth.

    Hello. My 6 month old kitty Charley threw up this morning around 6:30 a.m.. Then he was running around erratically and had white foam coming out of his mouth as he was smacking his lips and shaking his head. Soo after he settled down and stopped doing it I put him in his room for the day...
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    4 year old female, still hissing and growling at 4 month old male. Its been 2 months.

    Will my 4 year old Cherokee girl ever get over her issue with the 4 month old kitten, Charley. They are fine in the same room, but when he tries to play with her, she bats him down and hisses and growls at him, then she takes off running and he lays back his ears and chases her. He won't leave...