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    New cat and resident cat only fight at night, I haven't slept in a while please help 😭

    I've had Macy for 3 years, she's spayed. I just adopted Mochi 3 weeks ago, she's also spayed. I've had Macy since she was a kitten and I adopted Mochi as an adult. Mochi lived outside with a cat colony but she's a very sweet girl. Both cats are the sweetest ever. We kept them separated for a...
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    My Cat Won't Stop Vocalising in the Morning after Starting Flovent Inhaler

    My cat Macy is 2 years old, spayed, indoor only, female. She is part bengal and VERY vocal. She, my husband and I live in an apartment. She always woke me up in the morning to be fed so when I got an automatic feeder I set it for 6:30 AM because I felt 5AM is too early (thats when she usually...
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    Severe Separation Anxiety

    My cat, Macy, is 11 months old, fixed, female, indoor only. She is super sweet and generally very well behaved, but she is very needy and has severe separation anxiety. If I'm downstairs and she's upstairs (we have a Macy-proof baby gate) or vice versa she screams like someone is hurting her...
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    Springtails On My Kitty. How Do I Get Rid Of Them??

    Hello, We have some springtails coming out of some of our drains in our house. Mainly just a few bathtubs, nothing serious or an infestation or anything. I know the difference between springtails (aka "snow fleas", "drain bugs") and fleas, and these are definitely springtails. My (indoor only)...
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    What Breed Do You Think My Unique Kitty Is?

    Hello, I recently adopted a 4 month old kitten. She is unique compared to any other cat I have had or spent time with. She is incredibly friendly with my family and I; she seeks our attention and purrs ceaselessly when receiving attention. She is especially attached to me and has decided I'm her...
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    1 Year Old Cat Won't Cuddle, And Is Really Aggressive- I Need Some Insight

    Hello community, I rescued Penny when she was 2 weeks old, and we have a very deep bond. She just turned 1 year old, and for a while now (quite a few months) she won't cuddle, she won't go in my lap or even on my bed if I am on it. She follows me around everywhere, to the bathroom, up and down...