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    Microchip Cat Feeders

    Hello everyone! I am interested to hear about everyone's experience with microchip cat feeders. Mostly interested in ones available in Canada, but please tell me which one you have and your honest review :)
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    Does anyone have Hoobro instructions for cat little enclosure?

    HOOBRO Cat Litter Box Enclosure, Hidden Cat Litter Box Furniture, 31.5 x 19.7 x 21.3 Inches, Flip Top Cat Washroom Bench… We purchased this, arrived today. Messaged seller because no instructions but now we're just sitting on the floor with the wood....maybe someone here has the instructions...
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    COVID (born) kitten and socializing

    Good morning all! Looking to see if anyone has extra tips. We adopted 2 kittens during our country's quarentine periods. Both were in foster homes with just their foster and maybe 3 others as guests due to visiting limits. Magnus, the older was VERY people scared, even hiding from Amazon...
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    What Food Allergy Reaction Can Look Like

    I'm about to delete some old photos but I wanted to post these before in case they're able to help someone. Magnus also had itchy ears and didn't eat much and has some minor constipation. He didn't throw up, but had some nausea. His energy slowly depleted. His main symptom was swollen nail...
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    Black Cat Doesn't Like Heat

    I swear these COVID kittens are like nothing I've seen before as an experienced cat owner and former fosterer. Calcifer will be one year next week. Vet says he's fine. He's really sensitive to heat. He is black, I've had many black cats in my life before including long haired. We've ordered...
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    Lick Mat for cats?

    Has anyone tried them? Do you have a review or even recommendations? Our boys get Churu treats at night and are a 90% wet food diet. Could this be fun for them? They love their Catit slowfeeder (the tilted one but with the green silicone cover off) for treats. Final question: does anyone...
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    Looking for Food same texture as Royal Canin Recovery

    Hey all! I've lurked on the site for years now and finally made an account. I'm an experienced cat owner but my new COVID kittens have been throwing me lots of new hoops. Our 10 month cat got sick and only wants to eat the recovery wet food by Royal Canin. It's really not great long term and...