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    opinions needed: re: best brand for LIGHTWEIGHT litter

    Hi, I was reading an old thread that mentioned the "dustiness" of lightweight cat litter and one person mentioned cat asthma. Do you use lightweight cat litter? Just this week I had my cat use Fresh Step lightweight litter and she had no issues. The dustiness is something to watch out for...
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    mother cat tries to herd her kittens

    Hi everyone. This is a  hilarious looping 8-second video of a mommy cat trying to herd her 2 kittens.   I found it really hilarious.     I don't know how to insert it here but here's the link:
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    professional 'family therapy' - any experiences?

    Anyone ever tried family therapy? Did it help a little or alot? It's tough even needing to ask this but I know most TCS members say reaching out is a good thing. Thank you
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    best kitten rescue story/pics/video of the month for me

    This story is so great I need to share it with you all - I luv it 
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    The Cats of Google Plus (to compete with The Cats of Instagram)

    Tons of people love The Cats of Instagram. That account has 25,000 followers on Twitter. I think there should be a Cats of Google Plus! I would start it off with these two: They're so cute (super short videos):
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    awesome kitty pics in black and white - let's see them

    These 2 cats make a great heart shape. and it's also reminiscent of the yin yang symbol. here's the link in case the pic doesn't load:
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    dog decides to help a mama cat nurse her 3 kittens

    sweet short video. what a good pooch
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    Broadway needs a cat to star in Breakfast at Tiffany's

    Too bad mine aren't cooperative. The schedule's probably too gruling Cat-casting calls are being held next week
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    kitten meets hedgehog for the first time

    very cute; made me laugh too
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    HSBC credit cards moving to Capital One?

    Anyone heard anything about this!? I heard through the grapevine we are supposed to receive paper mailings telling us what to do with our old cards (snip/destroy). Has anyone seen a mailing yet??? I have no experience with CapitalOne aside from seeing their commercials on TV - the commercials...
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    I should take a cue from my cats

    I should take a cue from my cats. They drink lots of water and they're so healthy. Just saying!
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    free Iams wet cat food for Facebook users promotion

    If, you have Facebook, go to Petsmart's page, then click "Like" and somehow you'll somehow receive free wet Iams cat food (4 cans?). I have disdain for Facebook so I don't have an account there. Sorry I don't have more details...
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    NYC tourists, residents, etc: Let the "cat cab" take you where you wanna go

    If you're visiting New York City, check for where the Purina Cat Chow "Cat Cab" is going to be via Twitter at #catcab Supposedly all you need to do is tell them a story about your cat(s) and you get a free ride in their blue "cat cab" anywhere in the city. If you have questions, just ask the...
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    question on TrueTwit (anti-spam/validation service for Twitter)

    So I tweeted to a company and this is what I got back: When I clicked, I got a huge long rigmarol making me think I need to sign up for this TrueTwit thing. Does it cost any money? Do you use it? I hate long rigmarols, and this one was especially lonnnnggggg. I'm laughing right...
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    kitty versions of The Mona Lisa

     Oh, how adorable! Had to share. My favorite is the last one. Does anyone know the name of the artist? I can't make out the signature -- It looks like "Romeston" and then a...
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    ear-less rabbit of Fukushima (poor bunny!)

    this rabbit looks like an odd guinea pig sort of. the other bunnies are walking all over him/her, literally. poor bunny!
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    Sprint cats commercial Sprint definitely knows there are tons of cat owners in America
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    If you have Facebook and click the 'like' button

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    Wireless broadband internet

    Do you sometimes think the good/high speeds are reserved for the CEO's and big bosses, e.g., 31.50 Mb/s (download speed)? These telecom companies can 'control' the flow to Joe and Jane Customer from a control center, am I right?
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    jealous kitty 12 second video