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  1. haleyds

    How To Heal Wounds On Neck

    So in a recent thread I discussed that Princess had escaped and gotten infested with fleas, she is now basically flea free besides the lone straggler I brush out occasionally. Anyway, Princess has a flea allergy which causes her to dig severely at her neck. It can also be stress induced, as she...
  2. haleyds

    Desperately Needing Help.

    Hi, I haven’t been active in awhile because I’ve been away at school and we haven’t had many problems with the cats lately. But about a month ago Princess (the purebred persian) got outside and we couldn’t find her for three days. Thank god we did find her, however she was infested with fleas...
  3. haleyds

    Another One

    I have another forum all about my adopted cat princess who is a non-standard persian (doll face), since she was rescued I don't 100% know if she's full blooded but she appears to be, cobby body and all. Anyway, when adopted she was already pregnant and about two weeks ago she gave birth to a...
  4. haleyds

    Showing Events For

    So my title may be misleading, but I was just curious if there are any moggie catshows out there just for fun? I feel like it'd be an awful lot of fun for all the mixed breeds to be shown for personality and color just as a big event for cat lovers to join in. Not that I don't understand that...
  5. haleyds

    Cat Genetics Question

    Hi all, So as most of you that frequent this thread know that I too frequent it lol. I am fascinated by cat color genetics and love learning new things from the rest of you guys. I'm a huge science nerd so finding out where colors come from and what gender/breeds they're linked to is just...
  6. haleyds

    Flea Allergy And Overgrooming.

    My new cat Princess is a purebred persian, and I adopted her from a bad situation heavily pregnant (there's another forum about the babies). She has been covered in scabs since day one, and I've only had her a little over a week but we really have came a long way in her coat care. My vet told me...
  7. haleyds


    So I had a post a couple of days ago about how I wasn't planning on adopting a little male kitten into the family. Upon browsing Craigslist (my first and fatal mistake) I found a one year old female persian. She was doll faced with a perfect button nose and solid white with green eyes. I had to...
  8. haleyds

    What Color Is This Kitten?

    Hi everyone, long time no see. Things have been very busy and I haven't had much time to chat like I used to. Miss kitty is doing wonderfully and I'm thinking about adding this little dude to the family. What color do you think he is haha? He is just a little rescued stray by the way, no...
  9. haleyds

    Tractor Supply Shots

    Hey everyone, Long story short I currently do not have a good vets office right now and I may not have one for quite some time. I'm quite a paranoid person and although Miss kitty is a 110% indoor cat I still like to make sure she's up to date on vaccines just in case. So if I have to go...
  10. haleyds

    Hairball prevention methods?

    Hi everybody! I haven't been on in forever due to college and what not, but I'm home on break and Miss Kitty has recently been suffering from hairballs. We have some really great medicine for treating said issue, but I'm not really sure what to do to prevent it. She's not quite a year old yet...
  11. haleyds

    Post your pointed/blue eyed babies!

    There was an older thread with a similar thread but i know there have been a lot of pointed kitties join the site lately so I thought I would revamp the opportunity. I have a special love for these blue eyed beauties and I can't seem to get enough pictures of them  She's also rather small haha.
  12. haleyds

    What could this be?

    This little bump has recently been showing on Miss Kitty's nose. It's been there for as long as I can remember but it's just now to a point where I can really see it. It's white in color and hard like a rock, it doesn't seem to cause her pain because I can touch it, but not for long because she...
  13. haleyds

    What are the signs of heat?

    Okay so Miss Kitty has been acting funny since about two days ago, she's becoming very vocal (which could be because she's a balinese), she's clingier than usual, and she's not been playing or venturing out of my room very much at all. Her appetite hasn't changed any, and she's going to the...
  14. haleyds

    I got lied to.

    So recently I posted a forum about my suspicions that my "himalayan" girl was not actually himalayan. Well, of course my suspicions were bothering me so bad that I decided to have my girl DNA tested (my cousin works for the VT veterinary school so she was overly excited for this and it didn't...
  15. haleyds

    When did your cat "fill out" ?

    My girl is around 15 weeks old now, and in my opinion she looks very lanky and thin. She's a purebred Himalayan but her fur is also not quite as fluffy as a typical Himalayan, but it is the proper length and all that. Looking back at pictures of her litter mates, they were all fluffier and more...
  16. haleyds

    British Short Hair or British Long Hair or Burmese?

    Soooo some time in the future years I plan on adopting another cat, either a British long hair or short hair. And I'm torn between which one. I have no stigma against brushing or shedding, but I was really wondering is there a definite temperament difference between the two? Sort of like people...
  17. haleyds

    Does anybody here have a "crazy" kitten story?

    For example, my kitten once tackles our mini schnauzer in an attempts to play wrestle, needless to say the poor little dog ran off into the sunset with much hurt feelings from her little fuzzy friend. I love to hear quirky, or silly stories about kittens who seem to always be getting in...
  18. haleyds

    Kitten bites me at night??

    Okay so Miss Kitty basically always gets into bed with me at night, as soon as I'm in bed sure enough she comes crawling in with me and right onto my chest. She's purring the entire time, obviously happy, but then comes the biting. She goes for my arms, my hands, anything bare, and she just...
  19. haleyds

    To clip or not to clip?

    Okay so my kitten is 8 weeks old and has very sharp little nails that stick and get stuck in absolutely everything, including me considering she's a leg climber 128531. I have been reading a lot on this and some people swear by mail trimming, while others claim it's bad. I'm just curious as to...
  20. haleyds

    Aggression or Age?

    So my kitten is 8 weeks old, I know this is young and I had planned on getting her at 12 weeks but due to some travel things it had to be earlier. Anyway, she plays literally all the time, if she's not sleeping, she's playing, no cuddles at this moment in her life. When she plays though, she's...