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  1. addiebee

    Anyone familiar with "Colonel Meow"?

    He is gorgeous! Anyone know what he is? Black smoke Persian mix, maybe??? Here is his Web site:
  2. addiebee


    Anyone have any advice about a cat that bullies?  Jake is a sweet boy, very loving with us. But there are two other cats in the house (out of 8 total) that he picks on almost relentlessly.  Rex and Casper are definitely at the bottom of the totem pole in the cat society here. Cas has gotten...
  3. addiebee

    pet fountain question

    Hey, guys.. .I don't know if this is the right place to put this or perhaps Health or Nutrition. I am thinking about going back to using at least one pet fountain for my cats, but DEFINITELY not plastic. I use a dental water additive and it went gummy on me really fast. Gummed up the filter...
  4. addiebee

    Cat dental health -best toothbrush

    As my cats age, I am worrying more about their dental health. Casper - who is the most skittish of the bunch - had FORLs and two teeth extracted. He is 6-7 and hard to "paste" with pet t.p.  I don't want a repeat of this and I am feeling a bit sheepish here now - I had gotten a bit lax with the...
  5. addiebee

    Occasional raw - cute story

    I do occasionally give my cats raw - mostly chicken and turkey. They like raw turkey meat best. I rinse it well and pat dry, and cut into little  pieces. I have recently started buying organic whole chickens from Costco - they go into the freezer. These chickens have giblets, which I share with...
  6. addiebee

    Cat Dynamics deteriorating

    Sigh. I don't know what to do about some of the cat dynamics in my household and things seem to be getting worse. Casper has always been a head case. He is a very UNconfident cat, and Jake and Prowler pick on him. He is also VERY reactive, so they could just walk by him and he growls, hisses and...
  7. addiebee

    fabric or faux leather?

    I am looking to buy a couple of inexpensive ottomans/benches to put in the large picture windows of my formal dining room, which is transitional in style. Right now the cats are sitting on a couple of the dining chairs in the windows and I would like to reclaim them. I don't want cat trees b/c...
  8. addiebee

    Middening update... and the news is NOT good.

    I posted here a few weeks ago about one of the cats pooping in front of the litter pans in the laundry room. I have tried pretty much every suggestion. I still am not sure WHO it is... tho' two of them were at the "scene of the crime" a few days ago.. one was sitting in the room.. the other was...
  9. addiebee

    Middening is maddening!

    One of the boys - and I think it is Archie - has started pooping on the floor in front of the litter pans in the laundry room. At first, we thought it was a commentary on the cleanliness of the pans so we did a big switchout - clean pans, fresh litter. Well, he pooped again tonight.... Ugh. I...
  10. addiebee

    Jake says "peekaboo!"

    I see you, little buddy! He likes the monitor; it's warm and he can hang out with me. He is pretty much back to his old self after his "adventure" outside in August. Sorry - the screen image is NOT TCS! :D  I was browing decorative items for the family room! LOL!
  11. addiebee

    Mari has kidney disease

    Hey, guys. My longterm foster, Mari, was drinking and peeing - A LOT. So I had her tested. I don't have her values with me, but I recall the Creatinine was 3??? I need to call the vet in the morning and consult them. She will NOT eat the kidney food. I have tried all flavors of KD wet and Royal...
  12. addiebee

    Mari has kidney disease

    We got it comfirmed today. She is my long term foster... who also has allergy issues. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I am quite upset.
  13. addiebee

    Enhancing my tech/computer skills

      Anyone on here a web techie? Is Dreamweaver a good software to know in the web building world? I am looking to enhance my technical skills to go with my writing skills. I reallly need to get back into the workforce... but I am not sure what direction would fit me best, so I am looking into a...
  14. addiebee

    Jake got out of the HOUSE!! (ETA: Jake's back!)

    He pushed open a screen that was not completely secured.  OMG!!! I am sick! Just sick. This is not good. He is a house cat. I put out some cat blankies, stinky human clothing, spent litter and some treats at the front and back of the property. We last saw him darting into the wooded area behind...
  15. addiebee

    Furniture vs. cat claws

    I need to get some furniture for our family/living room. My boys DESTROYED the occasional chairs I had for 20 years - nice, nubby fabric.They loved extending on the arms... and pretty much every place else. Ijust had them recovered in microfiber.  They look really nice but now I am thinking...
  16. addiebee

    Hey, long time no chat!!

    Hi, guys. I have been away from TCS for quite some time, but decided I needed to return to one of my fave sites on the entire Internet. It's been a tough time for me. My mom passed away last fall; I have been dealing with all of the estate stuff (including the other heirs),handling real estate...
  17. addiebee

    Seeking information/studies on feral cat colony management/TNR

    Hi, Guys. I haven't been on TCS in quite some time. Have had my hands full and sigh... yeah... spending a lot of time on Facebook. Started researching content for a news release on TNR and feral cat colony mgt. I have already sent an email to Alley Cat Allies and looked at some of the articles...
  18. addiebee

    The Taming of the Shrew

    A bit of excitement at my condo this evening. Doug and I were headed out to dinner and we were rounding up the kitties in the garage, but Archie wouldn't move. He was growling and then grabbed SOMETHING in his mouth and dashed into the house. Well, he had killed a little critter. He ran into the...
  19. addiebee

    teeny-tiny short-timers (fosters)

    While helping with an event at the local Animal Control, a lady dumped three kittens there - approx 4 wks old. She said they came in from outside and she had been keeping them in her bathtub. Who knows what the truth is. But the shelter is SO full the only place for them was in a sick room and...
  20. addiebee

    question about kitten health

    I was kind of strongarmed into taking three 4-week old kittens into foster. They are doing pretty well ... don't normally take in kittens.. .I don't have time or the room but these guys were in danger. Anyhow, they are eating fine, going potty (lots) but I would like to know how young or at...