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  1. Kee

    My 12 week old kitten just slipped and fell a story

    that's brilliant news!
  2. Kee

    My 12 week old kitten just slipped and fell a story

    I think that there's a very decent chance that there's internal damage of some sort. Please get him checked out even if he seems fine. Remember, cats are masters of hiding these things.
  3. Kee

    When to get new cat

    Like tarasgirl said, it's a good idea to follow the tried and tested methods and use a bit of gut instinct to tell what to do. Leaving food under the door and initially being gradual in your approach to getting them used to each other are both good ways to do things without too much risk and a...
  4. Kee

    My 12 week old kitten just slipped and fell a story

    Emergency vet. Now. Damage on the inside is far more dangerous than damage on the outside. Please don't wait as it could be making things worse when he moves around now (the adrenaline might have been how he was apparently feeling fine immediately after). Please don't reply to this message and...
  5. Kee

    Cat Trying to Kill Other Cat

    Aggression is usually (like in humans) because of an underlying issue. Is it possible that T is stressed for some reason? Maybe he's ill, and associates the pain and illness he is feeling to S somehow? Just an idea. I think it would be a good idea to go to a vet if you haven't already...
  6. Kee

    Weird spot(s?) and slightly hairless on cat's tummy?

    Oh ok, thank you! Very reassuring, he's just been going outside for the past week or so and I was a bit concerned, but if it's just a little bite then that's fine :)
  7. Kee

    Weird spot(s?) and slightly hairless on cat's tummy?

    I haven't noticed this before. Are they just his nipples or something? Did he scratch himself while kicking his legs? Flea bites? He doesn't seem to be in pain when I touch them but he doesn't like it.
  8. Kee

    Keeping Cats in One Room

    That sounds perfectly fine to me. As long as they're stimulated, have their own space, happy, have some social time with you and are taken care of, there's no problem. It sounds like a big room and is probably better than what most indoor cats experience :)
  9. Kee

    Cat smothering her baby’s?

    Sounds like she's stressed. This must be horrible for everyone involved.. Take the last kitten away from her until you know what's wrong.
  10. Kee

    Cat ate a large rubber band

    There's nothing you can do right now. If she starts refusing to eat or seems otherwise unwell, unable to poop properly and whatnot, take her to a vet. She will likely need surgery if that's the case since it would have wrapped around a bit of her intestine or something which would cause a...
  11. Kee

    Cat is still scooting from time to time

    This is after I voiced my initial concerns in this thread. It seemed to quieten down for a week or so but has started again. He doesn't seem to be in any discomfort, and he's been dewormed and de-flead, with no irregular bowel movements and energetic as usual. I'm just not sure what to do. I...
  12. Kee

    In The Wind...

    Lovely story. You have a nice writing style and I'm glad she's safe
  13. Kee

    Spay incision progress

    I am not experienced in this particular subject, but I'd say to keep the onesie on for as long as she needs, and only take it off when you're sure she doesn't need it anymore. It's kinda like baking if you think about it: you can't keep opening the oven every 5 minutes; just wait for that golden...
  14. Kee

    do pregnant cat display personality of unborn kitten

    No haha. That's not how it works. Being pregnant, her hormones are all over the place and she's hungry. Have you ever been friends with a pregnant woman? They can be vastly different from their usual personalities, and she'll probably go back to normal after the kittens have grown up a bit. It...
  15. Kee

    Changed rope on scratching post, cat is now peeing on clothes

    Aww, a general rule is that if you are worried about being a bad parent, you're probably not! Make sure to give him plenty of love when you see him using it next :)
  16. Kee

    Mothers Day

    Think about something small she liked to do. Did she like feeding the ducks? Go for a walk and feed some ducks and appreciate the happiness she brought to the world. Although I'm just a stranger, I can say that she'd be very proud of you just getting through the day. Losing a parent is one of...
  17. Kee

    Cat scooting after having glands expressed?

    Oh, I forgot to mention that he was dewormed last month and his poop is fine, so it's not that. The vet checked him as well, and he doesn't show any other symptoms of parasites, so it seems unlikely. I don't have an issue doing it myself, so yeah I'll ask the vet or groomer next time. Thanks...
  18. Kee

    Is two pouches per day + a layer of dry food enough for a 6kg (13lbs or so) cat?

    Yeah, he was 6.3kg when we got him 1 month ago and 6.3kg when he was weighed last week, so you're probably right.
  19. Kee

    Question of the Day - Tuesday, May 4

    Common sense
  20. Kee

    Is two pouches per day + a layer of dry food enough for a 6kg (13lbs or so) cat?

    yeah, there's only about 90 calories per pouch, but I heard that cats need around 250 calories per day, hence the supplemental dry food. I'm not a big fan of those food companies either. Sometimes I wonder how many cats marketing teams have led to the deaths of for the sake of higher sales.