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  1. Sean35

    It feels like a betrayal- advice needed re: neutering

    If it makes you feel any better, I got a vasectomy last week and it wasn't terrifying, so the cats will probably be OK too.
  2. Sean35

    why won't this cat warm up???

    This cat doesn't. I tried putting the disc in a box, and it won't go near it, even with treats inside. Stalker is frustratingly stubborn in his or her ways.
  3. Sean35

    why won't this cat warm up???

    According to my cameras, Stalker ended up hanging out until about 1:30 AM before seeking shelter. Surprisingly, Stalker didn't even take off when the snowplows went by, and usually Stalker is terrified by those. It's somewhat of a big deal for me to try and get Stalker to sit on something...
  4. Sean35

    why won't this cat warm up???

    Update: Stalker finally decided to sit on the heating disc about 5-10 minutes ago. Another feral has been showing up every night (it might be one that I caught and had neutered back in August and never returned, but I haven't been able to see him close enough to know for sure. Oddly enough...
  5. Sean35

    why won't this cat warm up???

    Sorry, I worded my post poorly. The shelter had nothing to do with the rest of the post, I just threw it in at the end. I built a shelter that has two openings and was filled with straw. The heating discs and such were just for the cat to sit on while waiting for food.
  6. Sean35

    why won't this cat warm up???

    The weather is nice here right now, but last week was near freezing overnight, which leads me to the problem with Stalker, the feral I feed. Stalker is bizarre (for many reasons) in that he/she will not set foot on any surface that isn't concrete or grass/dirt. I bought a heated mat and a...
  7. Sean35

    What Friendly Cats Can Teach Former Ferals

    My situation isn't quite like your's, but a neighbor's indoor/outdoor cat started following my wife and I on our walks (she escorts us from driveway to driveway, like one of those vehicles that blocks intersections for a funeral procession), and I thought I'd use the opportunity to play with...
  8. Sean35

    Cat and Baby

    Do you mean the Owlet sock or the camera? Not much for me to add since I don't have a cat, but after my daughter was born this summer, the feral cat I've fed for the past 18 months stopped being silent and started meowing when I'd bring out food, so he/she might have been picking up cues from...
  9. Sean35

    How to get feral kittens out from under car?

    Where are they located under the car? I'm thinking you should either put it in neutral and try pushing it to see if that scares them out, or hide in the car until they leave, then starting it and moving it.
  10. Sean35

    Cat loose

    I'm just now seeing this thread so excuse me if I missed something, but have you tried placing food outside the trap (live or drop), then gradually moving it closer until it is placed inside? In trying to think of some unorthodox strategies here as well. Maybe placing a large cat tent or...
  11. Sean35

    Anyone into Doge coin?

    That would have been nice, but it's one of those things that could have easily gone differently. Those same 15000 Doge were worth less than $10 in March 2020. I've had coins that I sold for 20X returns in a 3 month timeframe that if I held on a couple years longer would have been worth...
  12. Sean35

    Anyone into Doge coin?

    I gave my brother 15000 Doge back in 2017, which was worth about $60 at the time. He forgot about it until last month when it crossed $0.10 and his friends were talking about it. He sold at $0.24ish on my recommendation, so about $3500 in profit (he gave me back the $60 lol). In retrospect I...
  13. Sean35

    Would a feral know how to play?

    There is a cat that I've been seeing on my security cameras on occasion since probably January, but almost exclusively in the middle of the night. The only times it has shown up before I've gone to bed was one night in Jan or Feb when food was still out (the cat ran off when it saw me...
  14. Sean35

    Sensitive Subject- Cat Attacking Parent's Cats

    I had a similar situation with an indoor/outdoor cat who was being a bully to ferals, despite not seeking out food at my house (other than hiding in the bushes and killing birds under my feeder). In my case I don't know who the owner is since the tag on his collar only said Oscar, and had no...
  15. Sean35

    How do you get them to eat together?

    Story: Stalker and Sidekick have been getting fed for a little over a year now. Stalker was already TNRed (clueless on gender), Sidekick is a 7 year old male who I caught and had neutered in January. Sidekick originally got his name because he was only present when Stalker was waiting for...
  16. Sean35

    Pill pockets as a treat

    It might be helpful to occasionally give empty pill pockets in case the cat associates that treat with icky medicine and stays away.
  17. Sean35

    Mitten's Morsels?

    Yeah, this is one of the Pet Supplies Plus house brands. Redford Naturals is another one, and seems to be more upmarket that Mittens Morsels. I bought the Redford Naturals for the ferals once, and they only showed interest when it was below freezing outside and they were less picky.
  18. Sean35

    Was my cat abused?

    Props for making it through that post without referring to the cat as That Cat Up North. :D
  19. Sean35

    Wrong dry food for over two months!

    Yeah I wouldn't have noticed either. At least you weren't like that guy on Twitter who was using dog shampoo for months.
  20. Sean35

    Building a better cat trap

    So in my last thread a few months ago I posted about a cat whose gender I was trying to identify (he turned out to be male, but I changed my answer before trapping after seeing testicles and seeing him spray). Since there were only two feral cats in my neighborhood and one was already TNRed, I...