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  1. farleyv

    Where can I buy Strongid..not online

    Hi...I took in my daughters outside kitty, Frank.  Well this am, he vomited up round worms and the vet confirmed it when I took them in for them to look at. He is a new boy here.  Had him neutered through a low cost spay neuter.  Well, vet won't give meds unless I bring him in.  But she...
  2. farleyv

    After neutering how soon

    can I let my two feral boys out?  They were neutered this am and we will pick them up in a couple hours. I know the folks at the spay/neuter clinic will tell us, just wanted to get some in put from all of you.  They have been around for a while and consider our barn their home.  The one black...
  3. farleyv

    Deadly Easter Lillys

    I know there is a thread under the Cat Lounge, but this is so important thought I would post here too. So many new people on the Cat Site, some might not be aware of the dangers of Easter Lillies and other lillies to their cats.  If you have one and you have a cat, IMO, get rid of the plant. ...
  4. farleyv

    My Chance

    I first saw Chance out near the road jumping straight up trying to catch a chipmunk.  He was so beautiful and looked so out of place.  He looked like he should be laying on a thick kitty bed eating from a crystal bowl!  lol  He was a long haired brown tabby with beautiful feet tufts and ear...
  5. farleyv

    Pop UP Ads

    All the ads appearing on the right side of my screen slow this site down so much!  Can I opt out of them somehow?
  6. farleyv

    Chance has a bone tumor

    in his jaw.  His prognosis is poor and I will be sending him on to the Bridge tomorrow.  I have had him for about 10 years, he appeared as a feral/stray. He has always been a scardy cat, but will allow petting when he is tucked among his buds sleeping. A week ago, his face was swollen on the...
  7. farleyv

    Snowy pics of our horses

    A gal at our barn takes great pics.  That is Big Al on the left, my horse.  And Cowboy, my husbands quarter horse on the right. Although Al is very big, I think Cowboy was standing in a hole.  He really isn't that short!  It was a gorgeous Sunday morning and we threw hay out for them to have a...
  8. farleyv

    Cat chases tail at sound of shower

    My daughters cat, Charlie, has a very strange reaction to the shower running....he goes into a frenzy chasing his tail. I was wondering if this could be behavorial, or maybe the sound sends him into a kind of "fit". You can see Charlie on YouTube at Charlie The Cat Goes Insane Chasing His...
  9. farleyv

    Forgot to give insulin

    I think I forgot to give Goofy his 2 units of insulin this am....ugh.  Now we have to be gone all afternoon.  He gets 1 unit in the evening. Has anyone else forgotten this?  I have one other time, and it seems to me when I called the vet, it wasn't a big deal.  Goofy has been controlled for...
  10. farleyv

    Dry food with egg protein

    Arthur was drinking more than he should and I thought it was probably diabetes.  Turns out his kidney numbers were elevated....not a lot, but enough.  I will post the numbrs when I pick him up later. So I am looking for a dry food with egg protein and not meat protein as that is harder for...
  11. farleyv

    Reminder......Tinsel on Christmas trees

    There are so many new members on TCS, now is a good time to remind everyone.....If you have a cat in the house, please do not put tinsel on your trees! It is very dangerous for your kitty to eat this and they will.  It looks like such fun to them! And while I am at Easter, No Easter...
  12. farleyv

    Is there a dry catfood for diabetic cats?

    My cat, Goofy, has diabetes.  It is controlled with insulin and Friskies wet food...only certain varieties. I seperate him out at meal time to feed the others Royal Canin Mature, dry.  Not the biggest fan of dry, but I simply cannot keep feeding 10 cats wet food.  It is eating my bank account...
  13. farleyv

    Latest Picture of my horse, Big Al

    I was just noodling around with my cell phone camera and snapped this picture of our boy.  Everything just came together.  It is usually so hard to get both his ears  Hope you think he is as handsome as I do. Thanks for looking.
  14. farleyv

    Feral kitty loosing fur

    I have two ferals ....BK and Cohort. BK is a short haired black cat.  He was rolling when I was talking to him yesterday, and I noticed I can see alot of white skin on his belly.  Then this am, he is missing a patch on his back? Could this be mange?  O man, I hope not.  Don't know how I can...
  15. farleyv

    How long is dry good for

    A friend gave me a great deal of dry Purina One.  I plan to use it for the barn kitties.  It wasn't in a bag but in a plastic tote.  She lost her cat last August, so it is at least that old.  Any ideas whether I should use it or not?  It is dry and smells fine, and looks good. Thanks.
  16. farleyv

    Nylon stockings

    Had a discussion this weekend about panty hose or regular nylons.  My opinion is they are becoming obsolete.  With the trend to more casual workplace dress, they seem to be an idea that has run its course.  There are never advertisements for them. I was just wondering if anyone still has them...
  17. farleyv

    Fetch's Echocardiogram

    I took Fetch in this am for his test.  First she listened to his heart....I didn't breathe until she looked up and said "no murmer". First obsticle conqured. Then she started the ECG.  Everything looks wonderful.  Heart looks great.  Checked his kidneys and other organs.  All look just fine...
  18. farleyv

    Echocardiogram vs Cardio Pet Pro BNP

    I am going back and forth on whether to have the blood test or the ECG on Beeshee Marie's brother and mom.  The vet was very sure that her heart problem was inherited due to her very young age.  I am so scared mom has it and gave it to them and her brother may have it too.Altho it could just as...
  19. farleyv

    Beautiful Beeshee Marie

    She lived just under 3 years.  I have never lost a cat this young, and the pain is like I had her 20 years. She came to me in the form of a pregnant stray, Slick (mom).  She had 6 black and white kittens...3 girls and 3 boys. Homes were found for four kittens and I kept her, her brother Fetch...
  20. farleyv

    I need some advice very quickly....

    I was just going to feed Beeshee Marie and notice her breathing is quite rapid.....of course its going on seven pm and no one is at the vets office and it's a wind storm outside.....what else... Do you guys think I should try to feed her or what?  I am soo un nerved here.  Should we go to the e...