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  1. kittyluv387

    Disappointed With New Litter Robot 4

    My cat likes to dig to China when he uses the litter box so I have to get a new inner liner once every couple of years. I went to the website today to order one and saw that they actually have the litter robot 4 coming out! Litter-Robot 4 I got excited but I watched the video and it looked a...
  2. kittyluv387

    Cat Food Options in Mexico?

    I was thinking of moving to Mexico one day, but I remembered my cats! Does anyone here live in Mexico and have any observations about the quality of cat food there? Is there good quality canned food there? My guys are currently eating high quality canned (no fish or red meat) and home made raw...
  3. kittyluv387

    Where's all the high quality cat food??

    I buy my cat food in bulk so it's possible for me to go months without buying canned food. It's time for me to stock up again and all the high quality canned I used to feed is just gone! Chewy doesn't have hardly anything of quality anymore. I cannot find Dr. Elsey's Chicken or Turkey pates...
  4. kittyluv387

    Anyone Use Central Market Quail?

    I am looking for alternatives to rabbit meat because I am seeing that rabbit is extremely expensive right now everywhere. 15/pound for boneless at Hare Today. Normally quail is even more expensive but I'm seeing some Texas quail at the Central Market for 4.99/pound for semi boneless quail! I'm...
  5. kittyluv387

    How is the Fresh Step Free & Gentle Litter?

    I like using the Frisco unscented multi cat litter from chewy but sometimes I can’t meet the free shipping requirement and buy litter from the store. We have a litter robot III. We have tried Dr. Elsey’s but felt that the odor control wasn’t really the best. We tried fresh step Ultra Unscented...
  6. kittyluv387

    FYI: Holistic Select Discontinuing Cat Line

    I don't see this brand often being mentioned but they are discontinuing their cat line. :( I emailed them a comment about their cat product and that's what they replied back to me with. Sigh. Their ingredients are good and their 5.5 oz cases are moderately priced so I'm disappointed. Their...
  7. kittyluv387

    Try Redbarn Naturals Canned Pate!

    I don’t see this one being mentioned as often as other brands but I just want to highlight it for some of you who may be looking for canned to feed your cats. I specifically recommend their Turkey and Chicken pate. Another great thing is that a 5.5oz case of these are usually under $40 at chewy...
  8. kittyluv387

    Yes Homemade Raw Is The Economical Option

    I just did a calculation on how much feeding raw costs and I am VERY pleased. For example my 4 year old male Benny who is still fairly active eats 4.4 oz of food per day. He seems to need less of the homemade stuff to sustain his weight. He's actually a little overweight at 14 pounds so I'm...
  9. kittyluv387

    Sale On

    Just a heads up there seems to be a sale on chewy for some cat foods. I just bought this: Dr. Elsey's chicken canned @ 30.07/case. Usually 43. Hound and Gatos canned chicken @34.39/case. Usually 43.
  10. kittyluv387

    Oil Cleansing For Cat Poo

    So one of my cats has chronic constipation and we manage it with miralax. But admittedly his booty isn't as clean as the others. It often has dried cat poo on it. I've been using baby wipes but they never were effective for dried cat poo. What works is oil! Not only is oil cleansing good at...
  11. kittyluv387

    Imuquin Supplement Alternatives Or Affordable Source?

    My stepmom is caring for 3 kittens with ringworm and she’s been using this product to boost their immune system, as recommended by the vet. But it costs her about $27 for each box which contains 30 packets. She asked me if there are more affordable alternatives. I think it’s prescription but hey...
  12. kittyluv387

    Buying Traps And Cages

    I'm planning on buying some traps and cages for my stepmom. She lives in socal and she had the neighborhood cat population stable for a short while but a hard to catch cat had babies since a couple of new toms moved in. The regular traps have served their purpose and she has trapped quite a few...
  13. kittyluv387

    How Do Your Cats React To Storms?

    Thought it would be interesting to know about different cats’ reactions since it’s storm season right now. My big boy Nemo lived most of his first 2 years as an abandoned stray so he doesn’t get phased at all. My Skye has been an outdoor/indoor cat all her life until we adopted her from...
  14. kittyluv387

    Ever Heard Of The Black Footed Cat?

    We were hoping to see them at fossil rim but they just had babies so we couldn't disturb them. Honestly they are so freaking adorable! But apparently very vicious with a kill rate of 60%. They are the smallest cat in Africa (and the cutest). Google some pics. You won't regret it. :) This face!
  15. kittyluv387

    Cat Has Wet Butt After Peeing

    I've noticed recently that sometimes my male cat Benny has a wet butt and back legs after peeing! He uses the litter box fine and doesn't seem to be in pain when he uses it. No blood from what I've seen. He's a medium length haired cat and I give him a trim on his butt but he still gets wet...
  16. kittyluv387

    Any Good Canned Chicken Brands Not On Chewy?

    I’m looking for a good chicken canned food to add to my rotation for 2 of my kitties. They currently eat Dr. Elsey’s chicken but I’m looking for another to add. I looked through everything on chewy and didn’t see anything I liked. Okay I do like ziwipeak chicken but I just cannot bring myself to...
  17. kittyluv387

    Homemade Raw Benefits For The Skin!

    Just wanted to mention the subtle change homemade raw has brought about for one of our kitties. She was fully on 100% high quality canned before and now she's on 50% homemade raw and 50% canned. Before she was always a bit of an oily cat. She kinda smelled like a potato chip even. She was prone...
  18. kittyluv387

    Does Your Significant Other Help With Cat Chores?

    I'm curious about how households divy up the cat chores! Do you do everything or does your partner help out? We have 3 cats and 2 of them are mine and one belongs to my bf. For us I do everything related to nutrition. I decide exactly what they'll be eating and I just tell my bf to pay me $XX...
  19. kittyluv387

    Anyone Else Use Costco Brand Chicken Thighs? Super Affordable!

    I went this weekend and checked out the chicken. I saw some kirkland bone in chicken thighs! They were $.99/pound! No salt, preservatives and artificial ingredients added. I bought a pack which was almost 11 pounds. What a deal! My turkey and especially rabbit flavors are a lot more expensive so...
  20. kittyluv387

    Help! Healthy Himalayan In Danger Of Euthanasia In Quebec

    So I was browsing reddit and someone mentioned this cat. Apparently the owner wants to euthanize this cat if he doesn't get a home by the 15th, tomorrow! Why? Because her son is allergic. Absolutely horrible. The cat is declawed on all 4 claws too. The terrible owner wants $300 for adoption of...