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  1. Juniper_Junebug

    Total defiance to nail trim

    I keep trimmers near all of my kitty's favorite nap spots, so I'm ready when the opportunity presents itself. I wait until she's asleep, or nearly so, and usually go for only one or two nails at a time. It works best when she's sleeping on my lap. I end up trimming her nails multiple times a...
  2. Juniper_Junebug

    High Quality Cat Food

    For wet, I feed Rawz turkey, Tiki After Dark shreds (any variety), Feline Natural lamb feast, and Farmina Boar and Apple. These days I also feed Feline Natural lamb with salmon because when there was a shortage at Chewy, I ordered from Amazon and accidently got 4 cases with salmon. And it was...
  3. Juniper_Junebug

    Food plan for cat sitting

    Just for fun, here's Juno watching me leave the house tonight on my way to dinner.
  4. Juniper_Junebug

    Food plan for cat sitting

    This is really helpful! I wasn't sure if the wet + ice pack would keep it cold long enough. Maybe I will have the sitter feed wet in the morning and set up the feeder with ice pack and a second portion of wet food for 6 hours later, and then have her leave out some dry just in case. I've never...
  5. Juniper_Junebug

    Food plan for cat sitting

    Until now, I've been able to take Juno to my mom's house when I've had to leave town for work. But in a few weeks, I need to be out of town when my mom is also away. I'll be gone Tuesday afternoon to Saturday evening. My mother can visit Friday and Saturday morning only. So I found a cat...
  6. Juniper_Junebug

    Post your sleeping beauties!!!

    I love that Juno looks like a kitten in this one.
  7. Juniper_Junebug

    Juno Is Getting Worse, Not Better, at Travel?

    Having a change of clothes seems to be the consensus. That's such a great idea and one I hadn't even considered. Thanks, all!
  8. Juniper_Junebug

    Juno Is Getting Worse, Not Better, at Travel?

    She's been making progress at my mom's house each time she visits; she still hisses occasionally, but I think she's more comfortable every time. While I was away, my mom did report that one night, she had a hard time corralling Juno into her bedroom at night, and Juno got mad. (After hearing...
  9. Juniper_Junebug

    Juno Is Getting Worse, Not Better, at Travel?

    I adopted Juno as a kitten during the first year of Covid, so it was just she and I for more than a year. Since then, I've taken her to my mother's house about 9 times in the last year, including various holidays when I'm there with her. She seems mostly comfortable there now and she likes my...
  10. Juniper_Junebug

    Leaving cats with pet sitter while on vacation

    I'm a cat newbie, but it seems likely that your younger cat would get more comfortable with the sitter after a few consecutive days together (especially if it's before you leave, so you're there to show them not to be afraid). I take my kitty to my mom's house when I'm away (I know it's harder...
  11. Juniper_Junebug

    Back to back trips

    I've got two back-to-back international work trips coming up, separated by about four days. My mother, who lives nearby, is going to watch Juno at her house (I can't ask her to stay at my house for a host of reasons). She's watched Juno several times before and Juno has gotten more and more...
  12. Juniper_Junebug

    Advice on creating a nighttime routine with young cat?

    I excluded my kitten from my room when I first got her, because I wasn't sure I could deal with her in my room, interrupting my sleep. Once she got used to the house, I started letting her in, but I immediately removed her if/when she got rambunctious. I did feel a little bad, but I need my...
  13. Juniper_Junebug

    Favorite cleaning products?

    Lestoil is amazing for getting out grease/oil stains from laundry. Even gets out set-in stains. But it's so potent that it eventually eats its way through its own plastic bottle so I keep it in a glass bottle.
  14. Juniper_Junebug

    Bringing the birds back for Boo

    I didn't realize it was just the finches. They're my favorite (of the limited options that ever visit), though come to think of it, I have not seen any finches yet this spring. Sadly, no, not the way the building is laid out. My deck is not visible from the ground. I used to have a huge elm...
  15. Juniper_Junebug

    Bringing the birds back for Boo

    I live in a condo in an urban area, and I have a 4th floor deck with a little suction cupped bird feeder, right on the other side of where my kitty has her perch. In days gone by, the birds would come and provide Juno with entertainment. But I took the feeder down last spring when there was an...
  16. Juniper_Junebug

    Post your sleeping beauties!!!

    Getting in a quality snuggle before I had to head out of town for a few days.
  17. Juniper_Junebug

    If your cat had a magazine cover shoot....

    I was thinking the same thing. Is Nilah a Russian blue? Her eyes look a bit green-bluer than Juno's, who is a DSH.
  18. Juniper_Junebug

    I Has An Expresshun!

    "Get me out of here, you fool!" (It it annoys her so much to be in a collapsed tent, she should stop trying to bring it down, again and again....)
  19. Juniper_Junebug

    If your cat had a magazine cover shoot....

    This would be Juno's cover for a tom's magazine (so to speak)....