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  1. cattybird


    Susan. I was wondering, when are we going to see new pic of R&S&J? I miss seeing pics of them I hope we 'll see some soon please?
  2. cattybird


    the DANCING OF THE STARS ALLSTARS Show? I liked the premiere. Some of the stars I was happy to see back others I wasn't happy to see at all.
  3. cattybird


    My sister says that in the /Black And White cats only the males are called Tuxedos and the females are just called Black And White. Is this really true?
  4. cattybird


    Today our kitten has jumped up on the kitchen counter walked on my sister's keyboard attacked our toes chewed on our bed sheets. Kittens! Gotta love them. (G).
  5. cattybird


    My sister and I have a new kitten! And before you ask I have no way of sending a picture of her. Her name is Emma and she)' a nearly four month old black and white kitten. Actually we've had he had her since Saturday but we had to make sure it was OK with the other four cats. My sister had seen...
  6. cattybird


    Unfortunately I'm now back on my old account using my old name CATTYBIRD a name I deeply regret ever choosing g to use. Anthology as I said I am very glad to be back on thecatsite.
  7. cattybird

    Guess what my sister bought me!

    AC got me a KINDLE FIRE! She said it would be easier to take with me on my trip than a LapTop. I've been learning my way around on it and I really like it a lot.
  8. cattybird


    Just a week until I start my month(?) long vacation! I'm going by train from Fayetteville,NC to Washington,DC, and after a four hour wait there onto Maysville,Ky where my brother will pick me up and I'll go to Lexington,Ky.
  9. cattybird

    Why my sister wants me to wear my hearing aids

    This morning AC said, "I'm going to try to get a PARTIAL Day today. I heard,"I'm going to try to get aPOSSUM STEAK today." Last night on TV it said,"The committee will SIT AND THINK about the problem. Well, never mind what I thought I heard. A neighbor said they were going to get a NEW VAN, I...
  10. cattybird

    I really thought

    that we were going to get a ferret today. We saw a cute six month old female at THE PET SUPERMARKET and both my sister and I fell in love with it. we took it out of the cage and played with it. Yes, it smelled funky, but other than that it was a wonderful animal, but at the last minute my sister...
  11. cattybird

    Bye Bye Land Lines

    Today my sister and I turned in our phone modem and we're just using our Cell Phones now. That's going to cut about forty dollars off our TIME WARNER bill and we aloso switched to basic Cable TV. The one thing we will not do  is give up our computers. Both of us re                     alized...
  12. cattybird

    Gabby Giffords

    Did anyone watch the 20/20 Special on her last night? What a long way she's had to come! I was moved to tears through some of the Interview. Here's hoping that she keeps recovering. Did anyone else watch?
  13. cattybird


    I just heard that last Thursday my neighbor's 21 year old cat had to be put asleep after being hit by a car and breaking a leg. Tinkerbell was a nice friendly female cat who lived happily for years with her first owner. After he died we were hoping to adopt Tink but she chose the neighbors right...
  14. cattybird

    JR'S Dance last night

    I was just wondering, for those of you watching DWTS, what did you think of his dance ? I'm embarrassed to say, but I started bawling!
  15. cattybird

    Dancing With The Stars

    Is anyone else watching it? What do you think of this group of celebrities? I like most of ths stars but I don't like Chaz Bono, not because he's Transexual(I believe that's the word) but because I just don't find him appealing at all. Does anyone have a favorite yet?
  16. cattybird


    Our Mom died sometime during last night. My sister discovered it when she went in to checjk on her this morning. It wasn't totally unexpected since she hadn't been eating and had trouble breathing. At least she got to live until the age of ninety , which is what she wanted, and she got to see...
  17. cattybird

    I don't know if anyone missed me but......

    I'm back after being off the computer for about two weeks because my Monitor died and it took me a while to change to one that worked. Anyhoo, I'm happy to be back online.
  18. cattybird


    Today's my 60th Birthday! I'm having a great day so far. My sister took me out for Breakfast and we're going out to lunch soon, and then we're going to a Book Store I've always wanted to go to.
  19. cattybird


    Is anyone else watching? I watch faithfully each year. I'm glad they have Chris Evert(my all time favorite tennis Champion) back commenting on ESPN and I'm glad that Venus won her first match. Hope it's a good tournament this year. Anyone else?
  20. cattybird

    Lillian Jackson Braun

    One of my favorite authors died today. She wrote THE CAT WHO Mysteries, which are some of my all time favorite books, I reread them often. I'll miss Koko and YumYum's adventures. RIP Lillian.