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  1. jtbo

    Do You Live In An Apartment?

    If you do or have lived, then this answer that little mystery only apartment dweller knows about: I feel enlightened :D
  2. jtbo

    Blood Vessel Issue After Cat Clawing

    So anyone has had this kind of issue? About two-three years ago one of my cat's did claw my finger a bit, since that there was bright red spot like made with sharp end of needle, directly in blood vessel on that finger. About 10 months ago blood vessel got bit larger and quite soon after that...
  3. jtbo

    Cat In A Washing Machine

    This must be one thing every cat owner fears: Katt krøp inn i vaskemaskin - overlevde ullprogram It did happen in Norway, they said 40 minutes in 30C/86F Wool program. Cat survived, was dizzy and spend two days at Vet, but is okay now, however cat has scent of washing soap still. I guess...
  4. jtbo

    Kitchen Tools You Can't Survive Without

    I have quite small amount of kitchen tools currently, in addition to picture there are 3 oven pans, oven mittens, potato peeler, frying pan, kettle with lid, few glasses and forks, spoons, knives, also a brush to apply melted butter to bakings. There is only 1 plate, that is pizza plate, pizza...
  5. jtbo

    War Against Sewing Machine, Help!

    It has never made a seam properly, maybe 3ft during 2 years or so that I have owned the machine, most of the time it does randomly either thread escaping from needle or machine gets stuck, because upper thread gets tangled with metal part underside section of machine, see video and photos, maybe...
  6. jtbo

    Bake By Percent

    Today I finally looked into this baker's percentages thing, then it hit me, why on earth there is anything else as that makes it so simple and easy to figure out everything so called magic in recipes. I did read this: Hydration - Bread Dough | CraftyBaking | Formerly Baking911 Also this...
  7. jtbo

    Life Is Too Cruel

    Greatest love is gone, she is no longer hopping around and swapping noses, death is cold and this world seems to take everything from me. 3rd one is nowhere to be found also, so if he does not appear I have lost now three of four in short time, there is only one and how long until I loose him...
  8. jtbo

    Good Bye My Best Friend

    There are no end to these tears
  9. jtbo

    Do you celebrate Christmas?

    Next weekend is best days of the year for many kids, I'm curious if there are other 'kids' that don't celebrate Christmas anymore? For me all that business around it and pretending I found from people around me was bit too much and I have not celebrated Christmas for many years now, it is day...
  10. jtbo

    Cat flaps should be banned!

    So it was perfectly normal wet autumn day when I thought that I need a cat flap to my door so kitties can get warm space to melt their toes once and a while. Month did go by and new cat flaps arrive in mail, week later they were installed while cats stared in horror, expressions stated...
  11. jtbo

    Friendship illustrated

    So what is this "friendship", you hear about really? It is all the nice things, trust, helping each other at difficult climbs, licking hard to reach places... Sometimes it is about having a disagreement and going trough it together. But in short, it is this awesome life long bond with someone.
  12. jtbo

    Weird results with a bread recipe

    Bread, that magical thing, which is so nice when you get it right and while it bloats it does so good. I have made my variation of this King Arthur's recipe, mostly because there is no semolina here, only semolina is white stuff for breakfast use and that is not correct type, durum flour is...
  13. jtbo

    Birds of Prey, can't they stay further away?

    This morning I had Common buzzard sitting on pine tree on my yard, while one of my cats happily sits on open yard just looking the bird. I start jumping and screaming going straight at the bird and what bird does, just a lazy loop around the yard and sits on tree again, while my cat just sits...
  14. jtbo

    Hey, I suck at drawing

    I spend better part of the day drawing as I should not walk much at all right now. Somehow my drawings don't come out very well. Maybe it is my lack of shading abilities or maybe I just need to do it months until it works out, I have had no any kind of training for drawing. I'm trying to...
  15. jtbo

    Why my foot is turning blue?

    As some alrady know, I cut my foot a bit, to the bone actually, now I'm on antibiotics, but at doctor they could not tell why my foot turns blue at times, it started after I got cut. Now there starts to be little purple too, but mostly bluish/grayish hue to skin and it can disappear or come very...
  16. jtbo

    Are you an introvert?

    There is a test: I'm very much of introvert, but I just found out about it yesterday, for 40 years I have been tried to put and I have tried to be so called 'normal' which is extrovert. For me going for example to bar would be similar to if someone...
  17. jtbo

    Survival of stray

    Today I found out that my four cats were quite cautious about one of the warehouse they usually go hunting mice. No time and I hear my tomboy having so called argument with some unknown cat, so it was time to run into warehouse and save poor cat from horrible events. I found a stray tucked...
  18. jtbo

    Autumn cat pics

    I wanted to take Gravecat pic for Halloween, but it did not came out quite well and cat's were not cooperating on time, however here is two attempts, white burned trough and bit blurry: Then some autumn pics, first one I think came out best of the all, that was taken 10:30AM, sun was barely...
  19. jtbo

    Latest upgrades bit problematic

    I have very old computer, so I can't use javascript, only by certain situations I will enable it, but it will make browsing too slow most of the time or even dangerous because computer can't run these too heavy security software kits that have bloated insane during the years. Now I have found...
  20. jtbo

    Fishing cat posing to camera

    She went into small puddle of water to fish, only catch this time was leaves, but even with that long coat she is not shy of water at all. I need to make deeper pool so she can try swimming next time :)