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  1. Sarthur2

    Mama cat gave birth 3 days ago. She's now meowing every time she sees me and I don't know what that means

    If you remain concerned as to whether she still has a kitten to deliver, an x-ray at the vet would show if there’s anything left in her uterus.
  2. Sarthur2

    Water broke 36 hours ago?

    First stage labor takes about 24 hours until pushing begins. Do you plan to spay your cats after these litters wean? Please keep them away from intact males in the meantime.
  3. Sarthur2

    Mama cat gave birth 3 days ago. She's now meowing every time she sees me and I don't know what that means

    She’s just communicating with you. She wants attention, reassurance, and affection. As you said, she is quite young herself so she is probably confused by all that has happened. Stay close to her for now. Sit with her for awhile here and there.
  4. Sarthur2

    Fished a kitten out of our pool last Monday. Need some advice.

    Put enough food out for both and check often. If the kitten continues to gain steadily, she’s getting enough food. Glad they have each other for company!
  5. Sarthur2

    Is my cat pregnant

    Yes, a kitten having kittens. Please plan to spay her when this litter is 8 weeks old to prevent future litters.
  6. Sarthur2

    Kittens - Is there such a thing as overfeeding?

    Kitten glop is primarily used when a caregiver is unable to get proper kitten formula. Which brand formula are you using? Powdered or pre-mixed? Are you sure the runt is from the same litter and born at the same time? Are any of the kittens cutting baby teeth yet? Kittens do not necessarily...
  7. Sarthur2

    Is my cat pregnant

    If she’s not spayed and has been around intact males she is likely pregnant. How old is your cat? Do you want kittens? If not, get her spayed now.
  8. Sarthur2

    Reactive hypoglycemia in kittens.

    The two who are sick may have an allergy to an ingredient in the KMR since they were fine on the goats milk. It may be best to stay with the goats milk for all three.
  9. Sarthur2

    Should I supplement with KMR?

    Where is this kitten’s mom? Is she getting spayed now so she does not continue with litter after unwanted litter? I hope so! Your kitten is a baby and still wants to nurse. Give him kitten formula in a dish to lap. He may still want to suckle, so offer a plush toy that he may want to knead...
  10. Sarthur2

    Reactive hypoglycemia in kittens.

    I agree. Kitten formula provides all needed nutrients. If you use powdered, you can substitute unflavored pedialyte for the water.
  11. Sarthur2

    Foster kittens white diarrhea

    It may be discolored from the Albon since it was normal before. I think you are doing the right thing to provide critical care. It can take about 3 days to work. Hopefully he will turn the corner for better soon!
  12. Sarthur2

    Kitten diarrhea

    He sounds like he needs a round of Metronidazole. Blood usually means parasites or bacterial infection in the intestines. The probiotics are not a cure. Five to 7 days of Metronidazole should do it.
  13. Sarthur2

    Kitten gaining, but enough?

    Agree with @Norachan. Supplement him with dishes of kitten formula. He is still a baby and it will supply tons of nutrients. I would not rush the dry food, but feed him wet 6-8 times a day. He’ll learn on his own to eat dry when he’s ready. Runts eventually catch up, but it takes time!
  14. Sarthur2

    Kitten diarrhea

    How old is your cat / kitten? You’ll want to take a stool sample to the vet for testing, but often nothing shows up. It may be parasites, or intestinal bacterial infection. Metronidazole will cure both. Also, what color is the poop?
  15. Sarthur2

    Is she pregnant

    If you’re cat is not spayed and has been around intact males, it’s quite likely she’s pregnant. Cats begin to show around the fifth week, so you’ll know more then.
  16. Sarthur2

    Possible 2/mo kitten want love over food?

    Do not give her to the first person who comes along. Let the shelter check out adopters, and tell them she needs to be with another cat or kitten to thrive.
  17. Sarthur2

    Newly pregnant cat questions

    Here are helpful links: Pregnant Cat? What To Prepare For The Birth – TheCatSite Articles How Do I Know When My Cat Will Give Birth? – TheCatSite Articles Help! My Cat Is Having Kittens! – TheCatSite Articles
  18. Sarthur2

    Eyes still shut

    They are not ready. Wait another week or two. Kittens wean best between 6 and 8 weeks.
  19. Sarthur2

    Fished a kitten out of our pool last Monday. Need some advice.

    Love that movie! Watched it many times with my daughter when she was young. Still own a copy on a VHS tape. Memories …
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    Possible 2/mo kitten want love over food?

    Give her what she will eat for now. If she likes baby food, feed that. Was she still on a bottle when you got her 3 weeks ago? She may not be ready to fully wean to wet and dry food yet. At 7 weeks she is still very much a baby, and having no litter mates or a mom, she feels very needy for...