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  1. aliceneko

    Cat suddenly nervous after negative encounter with other cat

    I hope this is the right place to post this - as the title suggests, Toffee recently had an unpleasant encounter with a new neighbourhood cat after the other cat came into our garden (uninvited!). He normally has quite a chilled back, happy go lucky personality but he's become nervous and...
  2. aliceneko

    Cat hasn't returned home for over a day

    Fudge often likes hunting at night, but he normally always comes back. He came back this morning but only had his breakfast, and then went off again and it's now 8:45pm and he hasn't come home since he left at roughly 8am this morning. He and his brother haven't been on the best of terms lately...
  3. aliceneko

    The Birthday Thread

    As there's a thread like this for our cats, I thought it would be a nice idea to start one for us. It operates in the same way, just let us know when it's your birthday and you can feel free to share some anecdotes and photos from your day. :)
  4. aliceneko

    Pets and separation anxiety post lockdown

    I wasn't sure where to post this, but I'm going away for a few days break soon (I don't return to work until mid August), and was looking for ways to help comfort Toffee and Fudge as they've had our undivided attention all 4 months of lockdown, so they're bound to struggle even though we have...
  5. aliceneko

    The Vacation/holiday Thread!

    I don't know if this has been done before, but since I've just returned (much to the delight of Toffee and Fudge) from a two week trip to Corsica and already am experiencing the holiday blues, I thought it would be a good idea to create a general thread where we can discuss our trips - at home...
  6. aliceneko

    Is It Time To Cut Their Claws?

    When is it best to cut Toffee and Fudge's claws? We think they're pretty overdue on being cut, since they seem quite long and are starting to cut into things. They don't seem to effect the boys, though when they're kneading on us or climbing up on us, the length and sharpness of their claws...
  7. aliceneko

    Toffee And Medicine/antibiotics

    Toffee has been suffering from a bad case of loose stools over the past week and a half (thankfully he's now getting better), so we took him to the vet yesterday and the vet prescribed him with antibiotics, though we have since struggled to get him to take them. We've tried the usual hiding...
  8. aliceneko

    How Do Your Cats Communicate With Each Other?

    Do your cats have any cute, interesting or funny methods of communicating with each other? Last week Toffee and Fudge were chasing each other around the house and when Toffee went upstairs and Fudge didn't follow, he meowed for him, as if he was asking him to come and play. I thought that was...
  9. aliceneko

    Is Your Love For Cats Hereditary?

    Is your love for cats hereditary (i.e. you come from a cat loving family) or is it something you've developed independently? My mother's family have always been cat lovers on both sides. My great-grandfather (on my grandfather's side - I don't know my father's family so I don't know if they're...
  10. aliceneko

    Toffee's Sore Eye?

    Since we adopted Toffee and Fudge when they were 3.5 months old; we've noticed that Toffee has a rather sore looking red patch around his eyes. It looks infected, but he doesn't seemed to be bothered by it at all and it's never hurt him or made him feel uncomfortable in any way - apart from this...
  11. aliceneko

    Blood Moon - July 2018!

    Were any of you lucky enough to see last night's blood moon? We'd just had a thunderstorm so it was cloudy where I lived, so sadly I didn't get to see it. Skygazers watch century's longest 'blood moon' - there are some amazing photos in this article! If you did get to see the blood moon, I'd...
  12. aliceneko

    Toffee And Fudge Turn One Years Old Today!

    It's Toffee and Fudge's first birthday today - a year ago they were born in the garden of an abandoned building serving as a residence for their cat colony.
  13. aliceneko

    Suddenly Unable To Post Photos?

    For a few weeks now I've been unable to attach photos from my desktop computer onto the site (I use a Mac if that helps). I often get an error message saying that I used the wrong file type or that the file is too big. I've tried using borders to crop the size but alas, still no luck. Could...
  14. aliceneko

    A Milestone For Toffee And Fudge!

    It's been a very warm bank holiday weekend here in England; so Toffee and Fudge used the opportunity to explore the garden. They have been afraid of going outside for a while, and only went out in small doses, but during the weekend they spent the whole day (almost) outside and loved sniffing...
  15. aliceneko

    2 Weeks Away From The Boys?

    I'm going to France for a couple of weeks in June and whilst Toffee and Fudge have had their first venture outside now and are becoming more confident and independent, the longest time they have been without human company is 8 hours and they love human company so I'm worried about how they will...
  16. aliceneko

    Random Household Objects Your Cats Love!

    I thought this would be a fun idea as just now we're decorating the house and Toffee has taken a liking to the tape measurer. When it's on the side he'll baff it with his paws like a wand toy. The boys are also obsessed with stationary - pens and rubbers especially. What household objects have...
  17. aliceneko

    Should The Boys' First Outdoor Experience Be A Snowy One?

    We've had Toffee and Fudge since December and the shelter recommended that due to their semi-feral background, if we want to introduce the outdoors to them, now would be the best time to do so. They're always keen to explore and we've started to let them venture into other rooms. They're getting...
  18. aliceneko

    Sudden Aggression Towards Brother?

    I've been noticing lately that Toffee has a new strategy when eating. He will eat some of his, and then go to Fudge's part of the bowl, but then when Fudge tries to eat his food, Toffee growls very aggressively at him and sometimes baffs him with his paws out of the way, ending up with us having...
  19. aliceneko

    I'm Intrigued! What Heritage Do You Think Our Boys Could Have?

    A lot of people who have met Toffee and Fudge have mistaken them for a pedigree breed or said that they think it's possible they have a mixture of Siamese in them. They are regular ginger domestic shorthairs, but Toffee has always had intriguing features, which has led me into giving him the...
  20. aliceneko

    How To Tell The Boys That Human Food Is Not For Eating?!

    Since letting Toffee and Fudge out of their cage, we've been struggling with our own meal times as they keep on trying to eat our dinner - and Toffee did manage to steal a carrot the other day! We try to pick them up and put them somewhere far from us in the room whilst we're eating so that they...